Female, the, resisting the male lead from Warriors' Experience

  • Female, the, resisting the male lead


Théun, I know that I am just not getting this, but why do I always end up resisting any male that tries to provide me with a lead, even though I want him to do so?


:) Your behaviour goes like this; you start off with PUSHING the male into providing the lead, then suddenly you question whether this WILL be such a good lead after all, and you end up by expressing your SUSPICION of his whole approach! LOL!

Verbally it goes something like this; "Hey, you! Get up off your lazy butt and lead me! Hey, you, not so fast! Do you actually KNOW what you are doing? Damned it! Do you mean to tell me that you actually have a GOAL in mind? I didn't say you should be leading me towards a destination or a goal, you frickin' dickhead!"

Then you get upset when the "hey you" responds, "Okay! So you object to being led towards something specific, so I will duly lead you to fuck all! Satisfied?"

Do you see what I mean? <wg>