Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on Learning from Warriors' Experience

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Friends, from now on I am going to become even MORE ruthless with all of you. But in order to grasp where I am coming from I am first going to share with you a little story from my own life. :)

When I was nearing the height of my career as a dancer I was unexpectedly thrown into the role of Mercutio at the last moment in the production of Romeo and Juliet! Everyone else had been attending fencing lessons for months beforehand! I had to learn how to fence in almost zero time!

I was panicking, but grimly determined! <g> My instructor was a past master, but despondent at the lack of time! He kept shouting at me! And I kept on all but falling INTO his sword. LOL!

Finally out of desperation he said to me, "We have run out of time! I cannot POSSIBLY teach you the technique in so few hours! I promise you that I will not kill you, but I also promise you that there is now only one way for you to learn FAST! I am taking the cover off the tip of my sword, whilst you are going to remove your protective vest and arm covers!"

I looked into his eyes, and KNEW that he meant it! From that moment on I learned REALLY fast! <g> Come the opening night of the show I could fence better than my opponent who had been to fencing classes for months before me! <g>

Friends, I am NOT trying to brag about being great at the art of fencing, LOL, but I sure as hell have learned the art of LEARNING! As all of you have recently started to learn, you too are running out of time! This is why I too have removed the cover from the tip of my sword. So you may well all end up with quite a few cuts and scars, but at least you will learn FAST! :) Hopefully! <wg>