Einstein, Dr. Albert from Warriors' Experience

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Who and what was Albert Einstein?


Einstein is one of my heroes in this lifetime! His life, his vision, his work, his love for humanity, have always filled me with a renewed sense of inspiration whenever I have found myself in my own moments of darkness!

And yet, the tragedy is that in spite of ALL that Einstein believed in, stood for, and fought for, his life's work was still HI-JACKED by those he worked for, hi-jacked for the purposes of destruction, rather than for upliftment! This is why he chose to destroy his greatest accomplishment in the very moment he succeeded in mapping out one of the greatest secrets of the universe! Einstein had called this part of his life's work "The Unified Field Theory," :), but he preferred to destroy it before it too could be used as an instrument of human cruelty! In this respect it is interesting to note that the mathematics for this theory were apparently "completed" a number of years ago, and yet in spite of this, the PRACTICAL APPLICATION of this theory is something only Einstein was capable of! That knowledge died with Einstein! All I can say is, thank God for that! :(