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  • Scholar, the, apprentice, example of
  • Apprentice (s), Scholar


If it is okay I would like to challenge Y on his approach towards the teachings. I know that he is a Scholar and learning like all of us, but honestly, his long-windedness, his pedantic approach towards the teachings and his painstaking insistence upon detail is starting to drive me nuts!


LOL! As Y is right here in the room with us you may IN-DEED go ahead in challenging his approach, for I cannot agree more with your feelings concerning Y! But as you are about to challenge Y I would just like to add also my own perspective on his approach. <wg>

Y, because I personally find Scholars-in-training to be a complete and utter BORE, I always try my best to take my OWN state of being into account in trying to co-operate with them! But, I must be honest, as a Stalking nagal I find it TRYING, to say the least! The-Scholar-to-be's INSISTENCE upon concentrating on the fine print AD NAUSEAM when LIFE is speeding by rapidly is something I STILL find HARD to under-stand and to accept with patience! But in this respect, the Scholar-to-be that I find to be the MOST taxing of all, is YOU!

I find myself constantly waiting, hoping, watching and PRAYING that you will find your heart and EXPRESS it! But no! You sit on it like only a Scholar can SIT, procrastinate and WASTE time, all in the name of being impeccable!

As far as I am concerned, Y, you can take your shortcoming INERTIA and stick it up your arse, down your THROAT, into your EARS, up your NOSTRILS, and into your EYES! Unless you get your ACT together soon, I feel that perhaps your decay needs a helping hand! <ebwg>