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  • Male, the, weaknesses in, example of


Théun, I hear you! I will take your guidance on board regarding handing my power away to my sister. I will stalk it, and find the truth in it.


LOL! My dear friend, if what I have pointed out to you does not ring true, then save yourself the effort, for you owe me no favours! Just chuck the guidance out the WINDOW, my good man! There is no rule around here that states that you MUST take on board my guidance! You are, after all, a FREE man, and if you wish to give all your power away to your loving little sister, then you are, of course, FREE to do so!

Oh, and by the way, I am RELIEVED to see that you actually CAN become REALLY angry! <wg> But the wise man, my friend, USES his anger to FIGHT for CLARITY, not for building INTENSITY! But then, you were hiding behind Mummy's skirts when God was handing out intelligence! <ebwg>