Numerology, the year 2003 from Warriors' Experience

  • Numerology, the year 2003

Friends, 2003 is a year of CHANGE, but because it comes from (2 + 3) it is a year of ENFORCED CHANGE! To grasp this, let us look at the numbers, that is, the VIBRATIONS, more closely, but without getting side-tracked by the detail.

(3), as you know, is CREATIVITY through the medium of MIXED ABUNDANCE. This in itself IMPLIES enforced change, for what it means is that power is going to be throwing both the good as well as the bad at us and, dependent upon our APPROACH towards our challenges, we will either become very CREATIVE in the face of our challenges, or else fall VICTIM to them!

The way I like to look at MIXED ABUNDANCE is to see power as being a most AGREEABLE partner whenever MIXED ABUNDANCE comes into the equation! LOL! In other words, if you are feeling shit about yourself, power will say, "Yes! You are indeed shit, and here is PROOF of it!" Whack! Wham! Squash! If, on the other hand, you feel on TOP of your challenges, power again says, "Yes! You are indeed on top! Here is the support to PROVE it!" But the point is that in EITHER approach, MIXED ABUNDANCE forces us to bring forth our CREATIVE powers, for better or for worse! So I either CREATE for myself a nightmare, or else I CREATE for myself a dream come true! What more do I need to say here, other than that FOCUS and INTENT are, of course, the key! Simply stated, are you placing the focus on LEARNING, that is, ACQUIRING POWER? Or are you placing it on being a failure and a victim? Likewise, WHAT are you INTENDING? Are you INTENDING to CLAIM POWER? Or are you INTENDING to PROVE your view of the world, whatever that view may be?

(2) is the force of DESTINY unfolding through the medium of FATE as it endeavours to guide us into achieving HUMILITY and UNDER-STANDING concerning our destiny! Enough said! <wg> So decide for yourselves how you would LIKE to approach THIS one, and be courageous enough to CARRY the CONSEQUENCES! <g> Alternatively, say a most heartfelt goodbye to your LIKES and hurriedly EMBRACE your true NEEDS to the very best of your KNOWLEDGE and ABLE-NESS! If you decide to go the first route, then I wish you lots and lots of good luck and every-thing of the very best, for you will be needing a lot more than just luck! <wg> If you decide upon the second route, then I need say no more than, "Surf the waves as IMPECCABLY as you can, and EN-JOY your-SELF whilst doing so, even though MANY times your-self will be battling like all hell to stay on that surf board! I trust that the dream symbols and their IMPLICATIONS are not lost on you! :)

And so we come to (5), CHANGE through the medium of the COMBINED forces of (2) and (3). Technically speaking, and within the greater scheme of things, (2) and (3) are both FEMININE vibrations, and therefore just like any two females they are SEPARATIVE by nature and therefore, although they can be the best of friends under CERTAIN CONDITIONS, they nevertheless each have their OWN agendas and in this agree to disagree! If you look at the tarot cards, you will see that (2) is the Popess, whilst (3) is the Empress. Clearly the agenda of the Popess is quite different to that of the Empress, as are their respective domains!

The Popess concerns herself with the affairs of the spirit within the CELESTIAL WORLD, that is the INNER WORLD of the SELF! The Empress concerns herself with the affairs of the spirit as EXPRESSED within the TERRESTRIAL WORLD, that is, the OUTER WORLD of the self! From this it is clear that although the two forces under consideration both appear to be so calm, collected, serene and sweet in their portraits as depicted on the Tarot cards, they are both secretly vying for and plotting and scheming in how best to outdo each other in getting the attention of the SAME male, namely, the spirit! This in itself constitutes an affair which is, as you can appreciate, potentially quite explosive being as volatile and EMOTIONAL as it is! But now add to this already TRYING situation the fact that the PURPOSE of the spirit in this year is to effect CHANGE, and it is immediately apparent that since it is you and me who are going to have to do the changing we cannot EXPECT it too be easy, being caught, as we are, IN BETWEEN the highly secretive and manipulative designs of two females, both trying to outdo each other in winning the favour of the spirit! Needless to say, and for the sake of those of us given to the tendency of indulging in the sense of victimhood, it is not only THE spirit out there and his two lovers who are going to be inflicting their power struggles upon us, but also our OWN inner spirit with his two lovers, namely, the Dreamer and the Dreamed!

Furthermore, the Popess, that is, the FEMININE aspect of the Dreamer is wanting to gain control of the Dreamed so as to make it dream true to the purpose of the spirit! But the Empress, the FEMININE aspect of the Dreamed, or little self, is RESISTING the Popess in interfering on her turf, and therefore seeks to gain control of the Dreamed so as to serve the spirit on her OWN terms! So, as we can see, this is quite SIMILAR, and yet completely DIFFERENT, to what we experience whilst under the influence of the force of The Lover (6), caught as he is between those two females known as the OLD and the NEW, the MOTHER and the VIRGIN! Being The Lover, although in itself far from easy, nevertheless implies being at least a lover! But when we are caught between the Popess and the Empress, it is not US that is the object of desire, that is, the lover, but instead it is the spirit that is The Loved One, which puts us in the rather dubious position of being merely an OBJECT that is being fought over by two females trying to outdo each other in winning the favour of the spirit!

Both these females want us, and want to teach us, the one wanting to teach us what it is to be the Son of God, the other wanting to teach us what it is to be the Son of Man! Consequently we end up being snatched backwards and forwards between these two females until we run the grave risk of not knowing which way is up or down, or whether we are Martha or Arthur, the Son of the Popess, or the Son of the Empress, for BOTH these females are exceedingly dedicated to their respective tasks! So whilst the Empress will be smiling at you sweetly, saying, "Here, child! Here is a pretty rose for you," and whilst in grasping it you will be learning rather painfully about the nasty thorns she somehow neglected to warn you about, the Popess will already be seizing this moment to sort out your knees in no uncertain terms with a somewhat benign look on her face! <g> Fun, don't you think? LOL!

But one thing is for sure, no matter whether we come to the end of this year not knowing our arses from our elbows, or having become HIGHLY CREATIVE in having LEARNED the HARD WAY how to survive the machinations of these two females, by the time they are finished with us, CHANGED we will be! In other words, we will either be that much the WORSE off for the wear and tear, or we will have CLAIMED so MUCH power that we will have RISEN to the challenge inherent within CHANGE! <g>

By now you will, no doubt, be wondering what I am on about in having spoken about you, your Dreamed and your Dreamer! Yet this is not because I have wanted to confuse you any more than you already are, <g>, but merely that I have purposely put you OUTSIDE of what you will be experiencing for the sake of clarity! But to clear up any confusion you may have, realise that there really IS a you who has both a Dreamer and a Dreamed! This "you" is, of course, the REAL you, that is, the indwelling spirit or nagal! Now all of this would have been just fine and dandy, and the Popess and the Empress would NOT have been wanting to use you for a ping-pong ball, if it were not for the fact that right now you are all still IDENTIFIED with the FORM-SIDE of life and, as a result of this IDENTIFICATION, you know yourself, NOT as the indwelling spirit, the REAL you, anymore than you know yourself to be BOTH the Dreamer AND the Dreamed. Instead you THINK you know yourself as SOME-THING apart from and outside of the One Life! In believing you are a SOME-THING, power is going to be VERY supportive of you within this year, what with its MIXED ABUNDANCE and all, and therefore this belief of yours will be PROVED again and again, unless you take great CARE in your LEARNING! <wg>

So, as you can see, it is either going to be a question of LEARNING, or submitting to being USED as a THING! You can, of course, always argue this from the point of view that it is a great privilege to be USED for the purpose of the spirit! But in the CONTEXT of what we are looking at HERE this argument can only hold water IF you see yourself as NOT being the spirit, that is, the REAL you, but a THING outside of the One Life! From my take it is infinitely more INTELLIGENT and PRACTICAL to ACCEPT that whatever it is I am going to be calling forth this year is something I am DO-ING to myself, and therefore the IMMEDIATE and HUGE NEED for striving to achieve an INTELLIGENT and CO-OPERATIVE RESPONSE to the One Life of which I am a unit! Therefore looked at in this way, it is clear to see that in this particular case the notion that it is a privilege to be USED for the purposes of the spirit is merely a JUSTIFICATION for self-imposed ABUSE because of an IDENTIFICATION with the form-side of life, and therefore not knowing the REAL you, but being forever caught between the polarities of the VICTIM and the VICTOR! Seeing yourself as either the one who is having everything done TO you, or as the one who is having everything done FOR you. But in this swing between the polarities never knowing that you are BOTH the victim AND the victor, the tonal AND the nagal, the recipient AND the doer!