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How can I learn to rise above my little self?


It is not possible to "rise above" the little self, for you MUST remember that the little self IS the Dreamed of the Dreamer! So even with the best will in the world it is IMPOSSIBLE to rise above the UNWAVERING INTENT of the Dreamer!

This is a classic case of how WORDS can trip you up and of how we become the PRODUCT of our speech! There is nothing wrong with the little self, and you SHOULD be grateful to HAVE a tonal or little self! But what IS wrong, and what you NEED to do, is to STOP identifying with the tonal, for you are NOT the tonal, but merely USING the tonal in order to evolve a greater and greater awareness of your true SELF, that is, the indwelling spirit or nagal!

Where you seem to be confused is in your understanding of what constitutes the little self! Realise that the little self is the RESULT of your IDENTIFICATION with the tonal! So what you SHOULD be asking is how you, AS the little self, NEED to LEARN how to CO-OPERATE INTELLIGENTLY with your Dreamer in order to unfold your fate in this lifetime! But "rising above" implies being superior to, a FAR cry from learning to co-operate, and also, how can you rise above yourself, or for that matter, how can you rise above your-SELF? In other words, how can you, either as the little self OR the greater SELF rise above INTENT? It just makes NO sense at all! Furthermore, realise that in all of this the SELF and the Dreamer are synonymous terms, for the Dreamer is merely the AWARENESS, or more precisely, the CONSCIOUSNESS, of the SELF, that is, the nagal!