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  • Support, unconditional


My wife has finally made it clear to me through her violent actions that we need to divorce! Her actions over the past week have been shocking and ugly, and my children are suffering as a result. I feel a quiet resolve but also still very shaken because I have never before seen this side of my wife.


My friend, I under-stand full well how you feel! However, what kind of a friend would I be if I were to offer you my empathy, or worse still, my sympathy? The only thing I CAN offer you with impunity is my love and my strength, but without my support! Why? Because as much as I love and respect you, you NEED to grow up and to TOUGHEN up! Your wife is HELPING you to do this, but HOW MUCH LONGER must she behave in this diabolical manner in order to spur you on to greater heights? How much longer must your wife shoot herself in the foot so that YOU can win? How much longer must your children be frightened, disillusioned and shocked out of their minds in having to witness their father being weak, helpless and in-active? Your story makes me cry, my friend, not for you, but for your wife and your children! You PROCRASTINATE in becoming ruthless and in taking DEFINITIVE ACTION whilst your wife and your children are spinning slowly down a sink-hole!

Furthermore, you should also STOP providing your wife with so MUCH money, holidays etc! This does NOT serve her OR your children! It is merely an expression of your sense of guilt, and guilt is a POOR substitute for love!