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  • Business, partnerships, males and females in
  • Female (s), and male, in business partnerships
  • Male (s), and female, in business partnerships


I have told Y, my female partner, that I need to pull out of our joint business and start my own business. By doing this have I understood your guidance to me correctly?


:) Yes, you have understood the guidance correctly, and I am pleased for YOUR sake that you have obtained this clarity!

This IS the only way, my friend! There is absolutely NO WAY for you to PROVE to YOURSELF that you are IN-DEED a male whilst you still feel the need of a woman to hold your hand in trying to create for yourself a life, a career, a future! It is the male that is the HUNTER, not the female, and therefore to go into partnership with a female will only BECOME possible ONCE you KNOW through your OWN experience that you are IN-DEED a male and can therefore AFFORD the COMMITMENT of taking a female INTO YOUR life! This is equally true of both business as well as marriage!