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Théun, why is life so confusing at times? I have always seen myself as being tough and able to handle any challenge, but ever since joining the Warrior's Path I seem to have become weak in that everything seems to have become so painful to handle.


LOL! I hate to have to disillusion you, but you have NEVER been a tough-nut! :) It is just that you had learned to HIDE your vulnerability behind a mask of being tough! But now that the mask is slipping you have no choice but to OWN the truth! :)

Yet whoever told you that life is a bed of roses omitted explaining that the goddamned roses also have treacherous bloody THORNS! <g> But there is more bad news! :) As we learn to open the heart we also learn that it makes us ever more vulnerable! Do ANY of us like getting hurt? No, of course not! But what choice do we have? We either live a "safe" life that is cold and clinical, or else we EMBRACE the thorns with the blooms so as to live a life that is rich and fulfilling! In time we learn HOW to handle the rose so that its thorns, an INNATE part of its EXISTENCE, need not necessarily tear at the FLESH, even though they STILL hurt to TOUCH!

Our planet, my friend, has not been called the Planet of Sorrow for no reason, but it is also DESTINED to become the Planet of Illustrious Love! It is up to you and me, and each and everyone of us, to make this happen! Is this not a challenge worthy of the spirit of the warrior? :) For me it is!