Polarity, misconceptions concerning from Warriors' Experience

  • Polarity, misconceptions concerning


As a group we all seemed to have found ourselves meddling in the private affairs of one another. Take as an example, the relationship between X and Y. Surely, unless they ask for our support, this is something they should be sorting out for themselves? Therefore I would like to ask if any of us have the right to meddle in each other's lives?


Before this becomes a COMPLICATED mess I would like to ask you, and, in fact, ask the WHOLE Group, a question. Where are you placing the focus in a matter such as this? Is the focus on wanting to meddle in the personal relationship between X and Y? Or is the focus on the LEARNING of the two INDIVIDUALS concerned?

Of course, you could also argue this from the angle that the ONENESS and therefore the interrelationship, the interaction and the interdependence of the Group is subject to certain limitations! In other words, that UNITY is DE-FINED by the CONDITIONS DE-SCRIBED by a set of POLARITIES that are mutually EXCLUSIVE to one another - a concept that is ALIEN to this universe, but nonetheless widely upheld, condoned and supported by humanity in general!