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  • Impeccability, acting with, requirements for
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Théun, perhaps I should be getting the slow cup, but I have only just come to realise that unless I can be totally honest with myself, I can never truly be ruthless with myself, let alone be impeccable.


:) Give yourself credit for having come to realize that HONESTY is a PREREQUISITE for attempting to dismantle one's view of the world! Honesty takes COURAGE in order to ruthlessly STALK one's own perception without ANY attempt at justification! But with honesty in the one hand and with courage in the other, how can you possibly fail to be utterly impeccable? It is only the dishonesty inherent within clinging to one's view of the world that disempowers through the medium of THOUGHT, and it is the lack of courage that leads to actions that are life-destructive.

Remember always that impeccability in all our THOUGHTS and ACTIONS is what makes of us magical beings capable of doing the "impossible!" It is for this very reason that Toltecs have always, but ALWAYS tried to hammer home the truth that we ARE the product of our speech, for what is speech if not the EXPRESSION of INTENTION, and what is INTENTION if it is not THOUGHT strengthened and held STEADY by EMOTION? So, in learning to use our emotions with skill, and in learning to verbalise CLEAR THINKING is of paramount importance! It is also for this reason that Christ stated that it is NOT what goes INTO a man's mouth that makes him un-whole-some, but what issues forth from OUT of his mouth! Likewise, in Genesis one of the first things we are taught is, "... God spoke, and then there was light!"