Contradictions, nature of from Warriors' Experience

  • Contradictions, nature of
  • Illusion (s), of irreconcilable paradigms


Is it possible to reconcile the many apparent contradictions within the teachings?


Upon our planet, as opposed to elsewhere within our Solar System, this can ONLY be achieved within life upon the DENSE physical plane! This has not always been the case, and it will not in future be the case, but for NOW it is! In this respect REALISE that all THREE planes of human endeavour, namely, the dense physical, the emotional and the mental are esoterically considered the physical plane! BUT, BUT, BUT do NOT see this as black and white, for remember that this is RELATIVE only to the four dimensions! In reality ALL of MEST is the physical, that is, the tonal! Realise too, that the apparent contradictions of which you make reference are ONLY "contradictions" BECAUSE of life upon the physical plane as YOU know it! In other words, upon planes higher than the mental, the PAIRS of OPPOSITES exist in HARMONY one with the other!