Vulnerable, being, lack of from Warriors' Experience

  • Vulnerable, being, lack of
  • Invasiveness


Théun, I know that I am insensitive and invasive as a person. Can you offer me some guidance on how to correct this?


You are not nearly as insensitive as you seem to LIKE to believe you are! Your so-called insensitivity is merely a mask you wear in order not to appear to be vulnerable! This is also the cause of your invasive approach towards others. The IMPRESSION you LIKE to project is, "Look, how HONEST I am! I am just being myself, and if this is too much for you, well then it is just tough shit!" Yet, what you DON'T like to admit, even to yourself, is that you adopt this approach of, "I'll hurt you before YOU can hurt me," in the HOPE that by doing this you will somehow be less vulnerable to others!