Love, difficulty in receiving from Warriors' Experience

  • Love, difficulty in receiving


Théun, why don't you just be ruthless with me? We all know by now that I can handle ruthlessness!


Yes, we DO know that you can take the blows standing up, for you have SPENT, not lived, but SPENT, your WHOLE life PROVING this! But, my friend, the million dollar question is can you RECEIVE love, warmth and, above all, GENTLENESS? Can you ACCEPT this into your life with HUMILITY? :) Can you ACCEPT, PASSIVELY, the PROCESS of Life, the PROCESS of the spirit?

Clearly not!

Does this answer you in a way you can grasp, my friend?

You know, an apprentice of mine once said to me, "Théun, when you whack me it feels terrible, but not NEARLY as terrible as when you gently place a feather in my hands!" LOL!