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How does one reconcile living an impeccable life when the people one comes into contact with are not also being impeccable? If I reject them as mirrors will I not be guilty of judging them? But if I accept them as my mirrors I feel that I am being untrue to myself.


Everything you have said is undeniably true. There is therefore NO NEED for you to sever your BUSINESS relationship just because the person you are doing business with happens to be leading an unimpeccable life. Friendship, however, is NOT the same as business! But let me use an example or two to demonstrate what I mean.

I CHOOSE to shop at a certain supermarket, NOT because I support its business policies, but simply because there are NO other supermarkets that are any better than the one I shop at. Every supermarket is AS bad as the next, so I might just as well shop at the one which is the most convenient for me! I could, of course, choose NOT to buy food, and starve! But I doubt this would be very practical or even desirable in terms of my fate! <g> On the other hand, I am also NOT going to befriend the OWNER of this particular supermarket!

BUT, BUT, BUT! Doing business with those around us, and even in having some sort of relationship with them, does NOT entitle us to SUPPORT their lack of impeccability ONCE it impacts UPON our lives in a FORCEFUL way, for then CLEARLY we are being challenged by power to discriminate between what are our NEEDS versus our LIKES or PREFERENCES! In other words, as a rule of thumb, live and let live, for none of us are our brother's keeper! BUT if my brother starts to IMPACT upon MY life in some way that forces me to DE-CIDE whether SUPPORTING him is life-destructive or life-supportive for him AND me, then obviously I MUST make a de-cision!

Another example is that of neighbours! If I were to decide that I can ONLY live with neighbours who live impeccable lives, I would have to LEAVE the planet! <g> But this does NOT mean that I CAN befriend my neighbours, for none of them live lives that I WANT to, or even CAN be a part of! So, yes, I know them all by name, we greet each other, smile at each other, wave at each other, but whenever I am invited to visit I politely decline! In other words, my neighbours and I live in MUTUAL RESPECT of one another, but my relationship with them goes NO further than this! In fact, it would be CRUEL of me to try and befriend them! Imagine how they would feel if I were to tell them every time we meet that this act is not impeccable, and that act stinks! <g> The poor people would end up feeling terrible about themselves, if not victimised! <g> BUT, this also does NOT mean that I CAN support them in their folly WHENEVER their ACTS impact upon MY life! For example, not so long ago one of my neighbours took it upon himself to behave in a thoroughly DISRESPECTFUL way towards me! Needless to say, I gave him a CLOSE shave which sent him scurrying into a corner for months! <g> However, since then he is now rather CAUTIOUSLY again trying to be COURTEOUS to me in his behaviour! I, from my side, reflect this courtesy back to him! :)

Does this help?