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  • Love, nature of
  • Mind (s), versus heart
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Théun, if it is true that the heart never lies, then why am I feeling so terrible about having separated from my wife? I realise now that I still love her very much, and wish we were still together in spite of the fact that our marriage never brought either us any joy.


The heart never lies, yes! But then the heart never does lie BECAUSE it is ruthlessly honest! In this respect it is true that you still love your ex-wife, just as she will always love you! This much is painfully clear to both of you! :) BUT, my friend, loving someone does NOT imply that having a MARRIAGE with that person is necessarily life-supportive for BOTH of you! It is a PAIN-FULL MISS-TAKE to assume that loving someone necessarily MEANS that one should be MARRIED to that person in the TRUE sense of the word! The heart, my friend, has reasons of its OWN, mostly UNKNOWN to the mind, and always INDEPENDENT of the mind! In this respect you should bear in mind at all times that the mind is feminine to the heart, and therefore CANNOT dictate TO the heart! Therefore the mind CANNOT PRESUME to KNOW the PURPOSE of the heart, but can only SUPPORT that purpose as it is progressively unfolded through the act of intelligent co-operation between heart and mind!

The easiest way in which to grasp this is to look upon true LOVE as being sufficient unto itself! In other words, when you find yourself loving someone the heart does NOT first ask you IF this is okay with you, or IF it is to your liking! Love just IS! This is why Toltecs term Love "IT MOVES!" IT MOVES, whether we like it or not, whether it makes us happy or not, whether it makes us jump for joy or disintegrate into tears! IT just MOVES regardless! It is BECAUSE of this that true Love is, in every possible sense of the word, UNCONDITIONAL!