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Must one first have to learn to love oneself before one can love another person?


Yes and no! I say this because words in themselves, although extremely USE-FULL tools, always, but ALWAYS mask the REAL meaning they are meant to convey, and this because they are SEPARATIVE by nature! TRUE love is an ACT of the HEART! By this I mean that it is something which just HAPPENS when the Heart Centre is beginning to OPEN, and the man or woman shifts the FOCUS of ACTION, that is, physical, emotional and mental, from the Throat Centre to the Heart Centre! It is every bit as SIMPLE, and every bit as COMPLICATED as this! But suffice it to say that UNTIL the Heart Centre is operative, even if just in a small way, the only type of love man is capable of is CONDITIONAL, meaning that it IS love of a kind, but of THAT type which is born from the SEPARATIVE nature of the MIND, that is, the Throat Centre. Whilst man operates or acts from the Throat Centre it is always a question of IF you do this then you and I can be happy together, but IF you do that then it makes me unhappy! If I DO this then I like myself, but if I DO that then I don't like myself! And so on, and so on, but always CONDITIONS are SET that have to be MET!

However, this is not the case with the Heart! The Heart Centre channels INCLUSIVENESS, but also the PURPOSE inherent within that inclusiveness, and therefore it is what we term the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, a subsidiary law of the Law of Electro-Magnetism. Simplistically speaking, what this boils down to is that BECAUSE the Heart channels the PURPOSE, namely, inherent awareness, of the nagal, it can NEVER lie, and therefore it is attracted to THAT which is LIFE-SUPPORTIVE and repulsed by THAT which is LIFE-DESTRUCTIVE.

And YET, once again, BECAUSE that PURPOSE is to manifest INCLUSIVENESS it is ALSO attracted to the TRANSMUTATION of that which is life-destructive and REPULSED by the SEPARATIVENESS which causes JUDGEMENT and CONDEMNATION. It is therefore truly UNCONDITIONAL! In other words, even though repulsed by that which is life-destructive it is nonetheless also attracted to it so that it CAN TRANSMUTE it, and so thereby that the UNKNOWN may be mapped out! If you look at the implications within this, then it becomes clear that inherent within this attraction and repulsion is THAT which we term DISCRIMINATION, which ultimately leads to the acquisition of WISDOM! Hence it is that LOVE and WISDOM are the two sides of the ONE coin, INCLUSIVENESS, the Law of Attraction and Repulsion!

True love is a mystery, for in this Great Manifestation it IS that part of the UNKNOWN which it is the Unspeakable's INTENT to map out! So for ALL of us love will remain the UNKNOWN for all eternity to come! :) Therefore shift the focus to the JOURNEY instead of trying to grasp the GOAL! It is our good fortune that we have the privilege of being able to tread the Path with a Heart in LEARNING to play our own minute little roles in mapping out this most WONDROUS of all mysteries! Every tiny step we take in this direction, and every minute little bit that we LEARN upon this journey of all journeys is a RICHNESS that adds an IMMEASURABLE MEANING to our lives that would otherwise be very empty and poor indeed!

Just remember what I said to you, LISTENING is the way to opening the Heart Centre. Few people have ever PAUSED long enough to consider the PROFOUND implications in the words of the Christ when he taught, "Let them who have the eyes to see, see; and let them who have the ears to hear, hear!" Christ, that great Being Who came to teach us that the greatest law in the universe is the Law of Love, that the greatest commandment is to love our neighbour like ourselves, that love conquers death, and above all, that "I and my father are ONE!"