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Théun, I have heard from various sources that ejaculation in the male causes him to be drained of energy. Is this correct?


No. It is not the GIVING of sperm, or ejaculation, that drains you of energy, but the MOTIVE for having an orgasm! To understand this you must realize that ejaculation of the life-giving sperm is ONE of the materializations of the TRANSFIGURATION of sexual energy. I say "one" because in reality the male fertilizes not only at the physical level, but also at the emotional and mental levels. In other words, what is erroneously termed "sexual energy" is in reality the ELECTRO-MAGNETIC CHARGES or IMPULSES that are the emotional and mental equivalents of the physical sperm, and that are materialized at the same time as the sperm is materialized in the moment that the TRUE sexual energy BE-COMES transfigured! Remember that ENERGY, per se, is the PRODUCT of POWER accumulated through intent! In the case of the male, who channels the creative power of the Void, this energy IS sexual simply because it IS the product of the creative power of the Void which he accumulates through intent. Thus we say that every ACT of the true male IS a sexual act!

Furthermore, whenever this accumulated energy BE-COMES focused there comes a moment in which it EXPLODES outward in the act of transfiguration, technically speaking termed CREATIVITY, but in the case of the purely physical it is commonly known as CLIMAXING during the sexual act! To get the full technical explanation of this you should study the section on cosmology in Volume II, for it is exactly the SAME process involved, only in miniature form, as in the transfiguration of energy in the materialization of the universe!

But to cut a long story short, it is therefore NOT the giving of sperm that drains you of energy, but the MOTIVE, or more precisely, the INTENT behind the transfiguration of energy! If that motive or intent is to be CREATIVE in some way, that is, to CREATE something which is NEW, it NEVER results in DEPLETION, for all acts of creation are UP-LIFTING and therefore REVITALISING, because of the element of INCLUSIVENESS. Quite beside which, energy can NEVER be LOST, it can only be transmuted, transformed or transfigured!

However, when the motive or intent behind the transfiguration of sexual energy is NOT to create, not to map out and therefore to INCLUDE the UNKNOWN within the KNOWN and thereby bring to birth the NEW, but is instead aimed at merely SPENDING energy for the sake of self-gain, or self-gratification, the process of transfiguration, being UNDIRECTED as it were, is void of PURPOSE, and it is this LACK of PURPOSE and consequent EMPTINESS where there should have been MEANING that causes the man to feel drained and depleted after a "fruitless" ejaculation, for it is quite literally an ABORTION of the creative power of the Void!

Does this answer you, my friend?