Dreams, wet from Warriors' Experience

  • Dreams, wet


If dreams are guidance from our Dreamers, then what about wet dreams? You don't mention these in the Dreaming Symbols, Théun.


Generally speaking the CONTENT of any dream speaks for itself, including erotic dreams! For example, if in the dream you are going to have sex, but somehow it just never happens, then clearly you are being shown the NEED for intelligent co-operation! If you DO have sex in your dream, then it shows the DESIRE for intelligent co-operation! But, my friend, guidance is guidance, and NOT orgasm! <g> Do you have an orgasm every time I give you guidance on the virtues of and the need for intelligent co-operation? LOL! So why should you have an orgasm when your Dreamer gives you guidance on this subject? I mean, I know that SOME apprentices can be MOST enthusiastic and EAGER to PLEASE, but is this not perhaps just a LITTLE over the top? <ebwg>

No, my friend, wet dreams don't have too much to do with guidance from the Dreamer, but belong in the same category as what I like to call FILING or BOOKKEEPING dreams! In other words, they are a kind of recapitulation of all the stuff experienced during the day that has either been IGNORED or else has not been DEALT with satisfactorily! In short, wet dreams are the result of a mind that has become FIXATED on sex, but because this has been, or is being SUPPRESSED in some way, the pressure resulting from this suppression is released during sleep in the form of wet dreams.