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Is sexual contraception wrong within a marriage?


No. Within a marriage contraception IS needed, and PROVIDED this is an act agreed upon by both the man AND the woman there is no harm done, but on the contrary is merely the RESULT of intelligent co-operation between husband and wife! By MUTUALLY agreeing to practice contraception the married couple can EXPLORE the deeper meaning of both love and warmth at all levels, including the sexual act, but with the MUTUAL UNDER-STANDING that sexual intercourse in THIS case is NOT INTENDED by either party to result in PHYSICAL CONCEPTION!

However, in having explained this I must also point out that there is contraception and then there is contraception. It is wrong for the female to practise contraception, for this invariably involves having to throw her physical body into imbalance of sorts. If contraception is going to be practised it is the MALE that must take care of this by wearing a condom which does neither himself nor his wife any harm.