Friendship, example of from Warriors' Experience

  • Friendship, example of
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Théun, ever since I first met you and received my first hug from you I have become a changed man. My poor health has improved, I am eating and sleeping better than I have done in years, my marriage has improved drastically and even my sex drive has improved! LOL! But now I would like to ask if you can see anything else that you can share with me?


My dear friend, you have indeed come a long, LONG way since you first joined us! But, if as you say, I have meant so much to you, then WHY are you NOW wanting to undermine THAT which you have been seeking and have begun to find?

Have my hugs become less warm? Have I not ALWAYS tried to INCLUDE you? If my hugs have become less warm, then tell me so! If not, then why NOW do you wish to turn me into a circus animal just because I happen to be a seer? Would you eat better if I were to balance a ball on my nose? Would you sleep better if I were to walk on my hands? Would your sex drive improve if I were to shove a flaming sword down my throat?

Why not just eat, sleep and learn to get closer to your wife, just BECAUSE somewhere in this big wide world you have a friend who you know cares about you, and has been watching your every STEP with every fibre of his being, WILLING you to FIGHT for what is YOURS, and WISHING you to WIN?

Your question is not offensive, my friend; it just makes me very, very sad in the WAY in which you ask it. By this I mean that you come to seek the guidance of some oracle! An oracle! A THING that you seek out for its special uses!

Is it a friend you need? Or is it just some THING that you can USE for your own purposes?