Female, the, supporting the male's purpose, explained from Warriors' Experience

  • Female, the, supporting the male's purpose, explained


As a married woman who is also working for a boss I sometimes find it hard to know whether I am supporting the purpose of my husband or the purpose of my boss, because I feel duty bound to support both their purposes.


The TRUE female will ONLY ever be committed to ONE male in her life! If she is a married woman then she will be committed to her husband, and will therefore only take HIS lead. So even when she is out working for a boss, she will only TAKE a lead from her boss that is in some way in SUPPORT of, or in line with, or complementing the lead her husband is providing her with! This is equally true of any OTHER male she may work with for whatever reason. But there is no way the true female will ever take a lead that is contrary to the one she is supporting, for to support a lead that is contrary to the one to which she is committed would amount to COMPROMISE!

However I think where the confusion has crept in for you is that you are seeing following orders and taking a lead as one and the same thing! But realize that there is a HUGE difference between following orders, as opposed to taking a lead! For example, if your boss instructed you to follow a certain course of action, then in order to FULFIL your COMMITMENT to your EMPLOYER you are duty bound to execute his instructions! Furthermore, in following his instructions you, as the employee, are NOT required to SUPPORT him in his DECISIONS other than to DO as you are TOLD to do! In other words, you may totally disagree with his decision, but, hey, so what? HE is the boss is he not? So who are YOU to question him on his decisions?

But in being a married woman, or more precisely, a woman who is COMMITTED to SUPPORTING the PURPOSE of her husband, your ONE and ONLY concern in following his orders is whether or not in doing so you are somehow VIOLATING your commitment to support your husband's purpose! As far as the Toltec principles are concerned your husband's purpose, never mind the PERSONAL details, is SIMPLY to ACT in a LIFE-SUPPORTIVE way for ALL concerned, and therefore for YOU this is as SIMPLE as asking yourself the question, "If I follow my boss' instructions will I be acting in a life-supportive or life-destructive way for all concerned?"

To explain this a little more! If your boss tells you to write someone a stinking letter, and you can see that from the perspective of your boss, who knows nothing about the Warrior's Path, this is the best thing to do, then you MUST write that letter even IF you FEEL that he COULD have found a better way in which to handle this particular person! I say this because the ISSUE is your BOSS' battle, and provided he does not go about it in a life-destructive fashion then it is NOT for YOU to interfere in HIS battle! If, on the other hand, he tells you to do something that you feel and can see is going to be life-destructive in some way, either to him, the person concerned, or maybe even the business as a whole, then there is NO WAY in which you can AGREE to follow his instructions without COMPROMISING yourself and your husband's purpose, and therefore you will be FORCED into having to CONFRONT your boss on his decision, even IF this means getting fired in the process!

Does this answer you, my friend?