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Théun, at birth I suffered brain damage, with the result that I now have cerebral palsy. Can this be healed by using the teachings?


Experiencing brain damage at birth is much in the same nature as being born with any other physical handicap, for example, a hunchback or a club foot! The important point to grasp is that it is a PHYSICAL handicap, meaning that in order to fulfill your fate in this lifetime you MUST also CONQUER certain handicaps upon the physical plane! These handicaps are NOT in the nature of PUNISHMENT, as many people suffering from the VICTIM mentality want to believe, but much more in the nature of our shortcomings! In other words, physical handicaps, like our shortcomings, are there to SUPPORT us in claiming power we would NOT have been able to claim WITHOUT the handicap! Physical handicaps are therefore, not a curse, but a gift! :)

In the past people KNEW this, which is why physically DEFORMED people, such as dwarfs, hunchbacks, men with club feet etc. were always sought out to serve as advisors to kings, to become court Bards, etc. From what I can see of you, you were born with this challenge to enable you to overcome your INTENSE FEAR of life, and therefore it does not surprise me that as a child you were often ridiculed for having this challenge! :)

Because physical handicaps are like our shortcomings, we cannot REALLY get rid of them, even though today with the marvels of medical science it has become possible through surgery to remove handicaps such as clubbed feet and hunchbacks! But, generally speaking, and definitely as in your case, there are still MANY physical abnormalities that CANNOT be healed in some way and therefore remain for life! Yet in many ways this is excellent, for by NOT being able to get rid of them you have to LEARN how to RISE ABOVE them, and thereby you claim much power!

In your case, what you NEED to DO is to concentrate on overcoming your intense FEAR of life, for the more you do this the greater will become your ABILITY to COMPENSATE for the effects of the palsy! I say "compensate," for this is PRECISELY what you NEED to LEARN! To grasp this, think for a moment about blind people! In not having physical sight, blind people develop an uncanny ABILITY to SENSE life around them, a sensing that can be REFINED into what most people call a SIXTH SENSE, but which is in fact the EARLY developments leading ultimately to the so-called NATURAL seer or seeress! Therefore in not having PHYSICAL sight, blind people LEARN to COMPENSATE for this by starting to develop the INNER sight! Can you now begin to see why Toltecs look upon physical handicaps as gifts? Only the Do-Gooders of this world look upon physically handicapped people as being VICTIMS! :)

From what I have shared with so far you should be starting to see that it is NOT the palsy you need to worry about, but your FEAR of life! You NEED to LEARN to EMBRACE life, to OPEN UP to life, and to FACE life in WHATEVER way it comes AT you, and the more you can DO this the more you will begin to RISE ABOVE the palsy by SPONTANEOUSLY finding ways and means to OVERCOME the debilitating EFFECTS of the palsy! I cannot tell you HOW you will do this, for in this respect EVERY individual is different, but you WILL find ways even without thinking about it! I say this because, technically speaking, any PHYSICAL handicap is there to TEACH us the USE of INTENT! It is therefore NOT the OVERCOMING of the palsy that is the issue, but rather being FORCED because of the palsy, to LEARN to ACTIVATE your INTENT to the point where it enables you to ACT as if you have NO palsy! Perhaps by sharing with you my OWN example it will help you to grasp what I am saying!

I was not born with cerebral palsy, but when I started to speak I had the WORST imaginable stutter that you can imagine! :) Whenever I opened my mouth to try to speak people would first look at me in total disbelief and then pack up laughing hysterically! :) Cutting a LONG story short, my stuttering brought about in me such an overwhelming fear of life that I spent most of my early life not wanting to speak, and whenever I was forced to I would break out into a cold sweat whilst shaking with fear from head to toe! :) If you had met me in those days, you and I would have had a royal time shivering and shaking together in our boots! You and I could have competed AGAINST each other as to which of us can be MORE frightened! <g>

But eventually I got to a point in my life where I simply REFUSED to keep running away from participating FULLY in life because of my fear! I cannot tell you WHAT I did, much less HOW I did it, but almost within the space of a few short months I taught myself to FACE my fear, and to conquer my stuttering! Today I speak normally and I can even walk out onto a stage and address a HUGE audience without a single stutter! And yet the stuttering is STILL there! When I become too tired, or too stressed, it starts to creep in to such an extent that in disciplining myself NOT to stutter I end up becoming dyslexic instead! LOL!

My friend, your palsy is a gift! Learn to look upon it as such and it will SERVE you beyond what you can now imagine! In this regard the Dreaming Practice will help you GREATLY, for although I never stress this point in teaching the Dreaming technique, this is EXACTLY what it is designed to do, that is, to put you IN TOUCH with INTENT!