Friendship, abuse of, Théun addresssing his apprentices on the from Warriors' Experience

  • Friendship, abuse of, Théun addresssing his apprentices on the
  • Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on the Abuse of Friendship

Friends, I would like to address all of you on the issue of how you unthinkingly abuse friendship. To demonstrate my message I am going to use the recent behaviour of X.

X, what REALLY gets my goat about your behavior is how you INSIST upon seeing friendship as a LICENSE to INDULGE in behavior that you KNOW is FAR from impeccable! I say this because you are ALWAYS one of the FIRST to see the behavior in someone else, and then to HURRIEDLY point it out to that person, but nearly always AS IF you are NOT also guilty of that very same behavior! I find this finger pointing to be DETESTFUL enough, but what I find to be even MORE diabolical is that you actually THINK you can get away with this type of behavior in the name of friendship! So, yes, you can scream and shout, and feel all hard-done-by and most awfully HURT because someone like Y does not want to be your friend, but have you ever ASKED yourself IF you are WORTHY of that person's friendship? I ask this, X, because with ME you ALWAYS repeat the SAME OLD pattern over and over again! I give you ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and you promptly see this as an EXCUSE to become CARE-LESS in your actions! I give you WARMTH and you CHOOSE to see this as a LICENSE to ride rough-shod over everyone else you consider to be BENEATH your "rank" in the Group!

Is this type of behavior WORTHY of friendship, X? Or more precisely, do YOU think that I should CONDONE your behavior simply BECAUSE I am TRYING to build a friendship with you and everyone else in the Group? Clearly you do, otherwise you would NOT keep on REPEATING the pattern! But I do NOT see this as friendship! Instead I see it as an ABUSE of friendship! So, to put it in a nutshell, either you do NOT have the required personal power to RESPECT true friendship, or else you are too BLOODY-MINDED to due JUSTICE to any acknowledgement, warmth or love that you receive! I am therefore FORCED to conclude that, either way, you CANNOT HANDLE gentleness or warmth, but instead REQUIRE and therefore NEED the utter ruthlessness of a nagal sitting on your case!

If you PREFER the sledgehammer to gentleness and warmth, then you are doing a FINE job in making your preferences clear! But if you are now STILL QUESTIONING whether you LIKE being treated by me in the way you KEEP ON calling forth, then may I remind you that you KNOW where the door is! I say this because as a seer I have in this past week picked you up LOUDLY and CLEARLY, and I do NOT appreciate your mind-set, and neither am I going to SUPPORT you in it! You and I have been down THIS road before, my friend, but this time I wish you to know that I have had your behavior in CHUNKS! You are FREE to stay and to start FIGHTING to claim the power you lack, or else I will do you the KINDNESS of unsubscribing you from the Group should you CONTINUE to INDULGE in abusing yourself, your opportunities in life, and consequently all of those around you!

To all of you, the Group, I pose the SAME BASIC question on which I have just challenged X. Do you FEEL you NEED a nagal to SIT on your CASE, whatever that CASE or MISSION may be? Or do you FEEL the NEED to start BUILDING and RESPECTING true friendship? In other words, WHAT do you WANT? Do you WANT to be whacked from morning till night, day in and day out, week in and week out? Or do you WANT to feel supported, uplifted, encouraged and loved? Do you WANT to be HAPPY, which is a STATE of MIND? Or do you WANT to EXPERIENCE true JOY, the RESULT of LISTENING to and ACTING upon your FEELINGS, your HEART? I ask this, NOT because I want fifty odd people professing an undying and eternal love for ME, but I ASK this for YOUR benefit! I am a nagal COMMITTED to MEETING the NEEDS of those I SERVE! If it is a nagal you NEED, then a nagal I am! If it is a friend you NEED, then a friend I am! But it is up to each and every one of YOU to DE-CIDE WHAT it is you FEEL is your GREATEST NEED! If you are too much of a spineless JELLY-FISH to de-cide for yourself, then I am left with no option other than to follow my OWN heart in serving you to the very BEST of my ability!