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Théun, could you please give us some more guidance on Mother's Awareness and how this equates with what is described in the books of Castaneda as being the predator?


Do not see Mother's Awareness as something which is ONLY out there hunting us. Mother's Awareness is COMPLEX and therefore INVOLVED, but we CAN describe it in a nutshell by saying that it is the force of INERTIA! From a technical point of view, the force of inertia is the RESISTANCE TO CHANGE and is therefore in ALL of us, male and female! So the WAY in which Mother's Awareness manifests within each and every one of us is because it is an INTEGRAL part of life and originates from the dark jewel RESISTANCE.

The reason why people so often become confused by this concept is because they confuse it with the DUAL aspect of the female, that is, the VIRGIN and the MOTHER! For a greater grasp of this you MUST study the section on cosmology in Volume II. But suffice it to say that Mother's Awareness should NOT be confused with the MOTHER aspect of the female, which is what we term the GOOD mother, the mother who NURTURES and PROTECTS her children AND her husband's purpose with her life! The reason WHY this confusion creeps in is because whenever Mother's Awareness does start to manifest in the FEMALE it is always within the MOTHER aspect of her beingness, for HOW can it possibly manifest in the truly FEMININE aspect? But in the male, who does NOT have a dual nature, Mother's Awareness will always manifest in the MAN in the form of the Little Boy, for as with the female, it cannot POSSIBLY manifest within the truly MASCULINE aspect of his beingness!

In other words, Mother's Awareness is the force of inertia, or the RESISTANCE TO CHANGE, if you prefer, that occurs in the TONAL, or the little self, as a result of the IDENTIFICATION with MIND! Because the MIND is the female polarity of your awareness, and because it has EVERY-THING to do with the FORM-SIDE of LIFE, identification with the mind means identification with the FORM, and ALL forms RESIST change, for by their very nature they are INERT, though being CIRCUMSCRIBED! This is what is meant by being STUCK in the MIND! But, BECAUSE of this identification with the FORM, the form becomes ALL-IMPORTANT to the little self, and therefore the little self too, just like the form it itself is, resists change, for it wants to HOLD ONTO what it perceives as having value to it and therefore starts to fight to KEEP what it has, and because of this tries to CONTROL and DOMINATE!

So, to put it quite simply, Mother's Awareness is that STATE of AWARENESS which manifests in the tonal, or the little self, which leads to trying to control and dominate the world around it, in order to KEEP all the various FORMS in its life which it perceives to be of value, no matter whether this is your view of the world, your self-image, a relationship, or just simply a belief, a prejudice, or more technically, a THOUGHT-FORM! We simply refer to this as MOTHER, that is, the BAD mother that wants to HOLD ONTO her cabbages and her cabbage patch, simply because these FORMS are what she considers to be HERS, and no-one, but no-one is going to take them away from her!

Alternatively we speak about Mother's Awareness as the force of SEPARATIVENESS arising out of the DESIRE for PRESERVATION! But, as you know, if you PRESERVE something, you KEEP it INTACT, and keeping it intact MUST and DOES lead to eventual INERTIA, and inertia ultimately leads to DEATH and finally to DECAY!

The term "predator," although you say is used in the Castaneda books, is NOT a term that is used by the Toltecs, and neither do Toltecs subscribe to concepts such as the devil or evil forces out there! As you know, Toltecs FIRMLY uphold the principle of the INTERRELATIONSHIP of life, and therefore how CAN anything be TRULY out there? This is why whenever I myself use this term in order to differentiate between "this" and "that" I ALWAYS put it in inverted commas! If this term is used in the Castaneda books, then it would be used only in terms of, say the hunter, which hunts his prey, and IS therefore a predator, just as anything or anyone who is stronger than the hunter, say a petty tyrant, would be a predator hunting him! The Eagle too, metaphorically feeding on our awareness at death, can also be termed a predator, just as our death stalking us would be a predator! But, you should also take CARE in reading the last few books of Castaneda, for by then he had already lost his way by having bought into the OLD practices of Sorcery, and so I am not entirely sure WHAT he means by the term predator if he did use this term! I myself have never read his last few books, for even just in scanning them I could see how he had become lost! The only books of his which contain the PURE teachings are his first EIGHT books. After that he was lost!

I hope this has answered your question.