Smoking from Warriors' Experience

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I find the issue of smoking something that is concerning me. Those in the Group who smoke always gather outside the retreat room to smoke, which in my opinion fosters separativeness. Therefore my question is, is smoking not a cause of separativeness? Quite besides which, I don't know how anyone who is professing to lead an impeccable life can smoke.


In your observation, my friend, how OFTEN does a non-smoker in the Group CHOOSE to ACCOMPANY a smoker when the smoker leaves the room in order to smoke where it is permitted? This speaks volumes, don't you feel? :)

Why is it, do you think, that I never allow smoking, eating or drinking, other than water, in the retreat room? Is it because it is not spiritual to do so? If so, why would eating be considered unspiritual? And drinking? Did not Christ turn water into wine? Smoking? Well, who ever actually WANTS to be a chimney? <g> But for that matter, who ever actually WANTS to be a warrior, much less be spiritual? <wg>

I ask these questions because I do not look upon myself as being any great gift to humanity, and nor do I look upon myself as being particularly spiritual! But I do, nevertheless, strive with every fibre of my being to be impeccable, and for me RESPECT is part of being impeccable! I point this out because as a smoker I am often accused of NOT respecting myself because I smoke, to which I will always just smile quietly! :)

Yet when it comes to these same people who seem to believe that they are in a position to JUDGE my level of respect I will ALWAYS remove myself from their presence if I wish to smoke! Do I do this because I FEAR their accusations? No! I just simply RESPECT their point of view and therefore do not wish to IMPOSE my "bad habits" upon them! Consequently, as a smoker who ENJOYS smoking for whatever reason, I tend to find my OWN space so as not to offend those who do not approve of smoking! Am I being separative in doing so? You can EASILY say, YES! But then again I will not argue the point, merely smile! :)