Numerology, annual vibrations from Warriors' Experience

  • Numerology, annual vibrations

Although every year has a specific vibration, vibrations always overlap one another. This is because life does not operate in little boxes that have clearly defined LIMITS. In other words, although for the sake of CLARITY we DE-FINE vibrations as being X or Y or Z, etc., no vibration is ever entirely SEPARATE from all other vibrations, in the sense that if we start with, say Y, then it is already paving the way for Z which soon begins to come into being and therefore starting to have an IMPACT upon its predecessor, Y. But as life is a CONTINUUM that has neither beginning nor end in the TRUE sense of the word, the very EXISTENCE of Y presupposes that it too, like Z, had a predecessor, X, paving the way for it, for in the final analysis it is impossible for a vibration to just HAPPEN WITHOUT CAUSE!

If we now translate this universal principle into our tiny scheme we find that the VIBRATION of every year is both the RESULT of the preceding year as well as the CAUSE of the succeeding year, in that every vibration has a predecessor AND a successor! This may seem odd to you, but if you will ponder this, or better still, take it into your Dreaming Practice, you will quickly enough begin to SENSE, to FEEL, how this works!

But to keep it simple for now, the way in which this overlapping of vibrations happens is that a vibration starts to have an impact in the second half of a year, and gradually builds INTENSITY until finally coming into its OWN at the beginning of the New Year. As the year progresses this vibration does not wane as much as it becomes the DOMINANT NOTE that gradually begins to call forth and then to UNDERLY or SUPPORT the SUCCEEDING vibration. The succeeding vibration likewise starts to come into effect as it begins to MODIFY the DOMINANT NOTE in the second half of the year. For the sake of clarity you can therefore see the annual vibrations as starting in the middle of the year and fading away towards the middle of the following year. In reality, though, the annual vibrations have a total duration of 18 months all in all, for although a vibration only becomes FULLY ACTIVE at the beginning of the year, it already started to have an effect in the second half of the previous year, and continues as the DOMINANT NOTE for the rest of the year as it calls forth the succeeding vibration! So in effect an annual vibration is at its PUREST in the first half of the year, and then continues to be the DOMINANT NOTE for the second half of the year although its EFFECTS are being MODIFIED in the second half of the year by the INCOMING vibration.

From what I have shared this far you can now see that we are already beginning to experience SOME of the effects of next year's vibration, although we are still being DOMINATED by this year's vibration! Next year is a SIX year from TWO plus FOUR! Six means having to choose between the Old and the New. However, where Six is derived from Two plus Four it does not take rocket science to see what constitutes the FORCES of the Old and the New, for clearly, the Old is INERTIA, namely, the negative 4, and the New is STABILITY, the positive 4, and it is only through HUMILITY and UNDER-STANDING that the forces of DESTINY can assist us in choosing between the Old and the New! If you view this within the context of the Cry of the Eagle it is mind-blowing! Will humanity in the year to come persist in its ARROGANT DISREGARD of DESTINY in continuing to choose for the Old, that is, INERTIA or MOTHER, and therefore continue spiraling downwards? Or will humanity begin to fight AGAINST the now rapidly DECAYING world conditions by starting to fight MOTHER or INERTIA in choosing to fight for STABILITY?

It is also interesting to note that whereas this year's vibration is made up of two FEMININE forces, next year's vibration is made up of one FEMININE and one MASCULINE force, and therefore there will be the very REAL opportunity for achieving world STABILITY through the act of INTELLIGENT CO-OPERATION! And yet, depending upon what humanity CHOOSES to DO next year the FEMININE force of DESTINY or HUMILITY can become OVERPOWERED by the two MASCULINE forces inherent within the 4, namely, Mother or Inertia and the Emperor or Stability! In other words, should humanity next year continue to choose for the Old, Humility and Under-Standing, the FEMININE, will be IGNORED in favour of the two MASCULINE forces inherent within the Four! In such an event we will see those women that have chosen for the Old being REALLY Mother, and those men that have chosen for the Old being either Mother or else REVERTING to times gone by, in their attempts at being male, by becoming the typical male chauvinist! Intelligent co-operation? WHAT intelligent co-operation? :)