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I have just recently moved into a new house, but I am finding it difficult to settle down. It just does not feel like home! I was wondering if you could throw some light on this for me?


Have you ever asked yourself what makes a HOUSE a HOME? :)

The vast majority of humanity rush around in a frenzy and USUALLY get into deep DEBT setting up HOUSE! But very FEW of these so-called homes ever end up being a TRUE home!

So what makes a HOME? And what is the deeper PURPOSE and MEANING of a HOME, as opposed to a HOUSE, or a roof over your head and a place in which to store all your belongings?

Belongings are yet another strange concept! Do I or you truly own anything? If so, in what way do we OWN it? And what about the implications in the word BE-LONG-ING?

As far as most people are concerned I own Hunter's Lodge, the house in which I live. I own the furnishings. I own a car. I own three sources of income! And I even own two dogs and a pond full of fish! <g> But if I look at my life OBJECTIVELY this always makes me want to laugh, for such an approach towards life is incredibly SELECTIVE, quite apart from being utterly SEPARATIVE! If I OWN all of these POSSESSIONS, then why don't I also INCLUDE owning two servants, a best friend, Russell, a group of close friends, my unit of warriors, and a group of students, Hunter's Lodge? Why do I OWN or POSSESS some of them, but not all of them? <wg> Why do I OWN my dogs, but I do not OWN Russell? <ebwg> It just does not make ANY sense at all, don't you agree? :) If I want to see myself as being an OWNER, then surely I OWN everything in my life?

But this is my point! I don't see myself as owning ANY thing in my life, and this INCLUDES owning ANY body, my own body included! So what then IS my RELATIONSHIP to ALL around me, whether this be things, as in cars, houses, money; or beings, as in animals or people? And to come back to where we started, what then IS my RELATIONSHIP with the HOUSE in which I live? What makes a HOUSE a HOME?

So I am going to ask you what are you looking for, STABILITY, or somewhere SAFE? And I will give you a hint: ALL of life is but a system of RELATIONSHIPS! There are STABLE relationships and there are SAFE relationships! But either way, OWNERSHIP is a load of bullshit! The concept of ownership is the RESULT of perverted MINDS that practice separativeness rather than inclusiveness! As a UNIT of the ONE LIFE we do NOT own ANY-THING, but EVERY-THING is a POTENTIAL RELATIONSHIP!