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Friends, in the latest Time Magazine, Charles Krauthammer, a well known and highly RESPECTED journalist in the USA writes an article entitled "Help Wanted," subtitle, "Why America needs to lean hard on its allies to lend a hand in Iraq."

First of all, WHAT allies? Did Bush and his cronies not tell the United Nations to go get fucked when the rest of the world were NOT supporting him and Blair in wanting to invade Iraq with the JUSTIFICATION that this is because of weapons of mass disappearance? <ebwg> So WHAT allies IS Mr. Krauthammer referring to?

But the REAL cherry on top is when Mr. Hammering-the-Sauerkraut BOLDLY states with obvious PRIDE, quote, "The U.S. today is the closest the world has ever seen to God. But alas, the gap remains great. Its citizens are not quite omnipotent, and they cannot be ubiquitous."

Ubiquitous? I wonder why in having likened the USA to God, and in having bemoaned the fact that the USA is not YET omnipotent in its CONTROL of the world's economy this schmuck doesn't just say omnipresent? And what citizens is he referring to? Does he mean the canon fodder that has been sent to Iraq to "free" a people from the dictates of their crackpot leader, or was that perhaps to free them from their oil? Or does he mean the 60% of the American public on the voters' roll that did not have the self-respect to even BOTHER or CARE about going to cast their votes at the time when Bush could NOT win the presidential election WITHOUT a JUDICIAL intervention in the so-called interests of the greater whole? Are these the citizens that are the closest thing the world has yet seen of God?

But get this! Mr. Sour-Croat goes on to say that, "If the world will not help America in Iraq, U.S. officials should OSTENTATIOUSLY announce a global reconsideration of all American military commitments in HUMANITARIAN ventures!"

Since WHEN, one may ask, has the USA EVER intervened in ANY world crisis for anything other than its own SELF-CENTRED gain? WHEN? And HOW? Even in the HEAT of World War II Churchill had to go and lick the crippled Roosenveldt's arse to get the USA to START playing an ACTIVE role in its own miserable future! Look at the USA's CURRENT interventions as an example! Two HUNDRED American troops have been dispatched to Liberia, whilst THOUSANDS have been sent to Iraq! Why? Because Liberia does not have any OIL, of course, but Iraq is RICH in oil! But what does Mr. Sauerkraut have to say about this? He whines, as only some of us CAN do, that, "The soldiers in Iraq are TIRED! They need RELIEF! If the world wants the U.S. to play God, especially in god-forsaken places, it had BETTER HELP! America cannot TEND to every sparrow in the forest. Not even God does!"

This just leaves me speechless! And THIS, AFTER the United Nations have said, "Yes, we WILL help, but ONLY if this means that this becomes a JOINT VENTURE upholding the FREEDOM CHARTER of ALL nations represented by the UNITED nations." But what was the USA's response? "This is not even a CONSIDERATION! We WILL have YOUR support on OUR terms!" Why? Because the USA has NO intention of SHARING the oil it is now DESPERATELY trying to CONTROL in Iraq, and neither does it have ANY intention of denying the AMERICAN companies the great MANY contracts, EACH worth BILLIONS of dollars, that are now being awarded as a result of its invasion of Iraq! I say American, but if you BOTHER to DO your homework you will see that these so-called American companies that are being awarded these massive contracts are ALL, without exception, headed by Jews! But Jews or not, THIS is the county that sees itself as BIG Brother, the GREAT Humanitarian, or as Mr. Sauerkraut is pointing out, the closest thing to God! Am I anti-Semitic? Am I anti-American! No! But what I AM pointing out is that the CHALLENGE of Atlantis is once AGAIN rearing its big ugly head, and that head is called GREED! Greed for power! Greed for control! In the final analysis, greed for MONEY, that is, greed for CRYTALLISED POWER! I know that MANY of you ASSUME that I am joking when I say that we are being revisited by the Old Sorcerers, but I am NOT joking!

As I said, I am speechless at the sheer ARROGANCE of what is supposed to be the LOVE aspect of the HEART Centre of the world!