from Warriors' Experience

Friends, I have often enough WARNED you that Mother is ancient, meaning that she is HIGHLY experienced and that she and her warriors, the Sons of Mind, are almighty powerful! This is why I KNEW that in having made the DE-CISION to go public in SUPPORT of the Yellow Rose of Friendship, Mother would perceive my STANCE as being OPEN PROVOCATION and that sooner or later she will come AT me with ALL of her FORCE! I may be Toltec, and I may be strong, but there is NO WAY in which I can survive the FULL BLAST of Mother's sense of REVENGE, should she ever rally her ARMY against me, even IF I DO have your FULL support, for we collectively are but a tiny handful against a VAST HORDE! WHEN it comes to this, as it MUST and WILL, then our ONLY hope of survival will lie in your IMPECCABLE lives, meaning that no-one, but NO-ONE, most especially not Mother, will be able to accuse you of not living the life of the warrior! If in that moment you can stand TALL and PROUD in UPHOLDING the teachings, BECAUSE you are LIVING EXAMPLES of these teachings, you will BE SERVING your PURPOSE as a Group, and YOU will show humanity the way forward! But should you FAIL to live up to your PURPOSE as a Group, none of us will survive, for when Mother comes after us we will all go the same way as Castaneda and his followers, together with the frauds! This is WHY I have always made it clear that my REAL challenge is a RACE AGAINST TIME! Will you be living up to your purpose by the time Mother turns her attention to us? Or will you not yet be living up to that purpose?

Friends, the lineages are no more, and in this YOU are the LAST BASTION between THAT which every Toltec has ever fought for and honoured throughout all of time and THIS moment of DIRE NEED, this moment of CRISIS! Just as the individual CANNOT make the leap to freedom WITHOUT having precipitated a personal CRISIS of sorts, so too is it IMPOSSIBLE for humanity to ANSWER the Cry of the Eagle WITHOUT a CRISIS of its own making! I have known for a long time that sooner or later you as a Group MUST and WILL be tested upon the battlefield of life, but not until now could I foresee HOW this was to take place! Now I know!

The crisis humanity has called forth is that its very HERITAGE, its only HOPE, and its FUTURE is at RISK because of the CONSEQUENCES of the actions of Castaneda, the very same man that paved the way for the return of the warriors, together with the CONSEQUENCES of humanity's sense of laziness, apathy and powerlessness! How unbelievably AWE-SOME! How unutterably INGENIOUS of power! Although, as many of you know, I know Castaneda, yet because I have always distanced myself from his CHOSEN path, and as the mind-link I had with him was severed when he died, I did not know to what extent the ROT had set in SINCE his death! But now it is CLEAR that as more and more people become caught up in the CONSEQUENCES of Castaneda's actions and those of the PETTY JERKS that once were his most ardent supporters and followers, it is falling ever more to YOU to GRASP the LIGHTED TORCH I am holding out to each and every one of you and to RUN with it for all you are worth!

How often have I not pointed out to you that the OPPORTUNITY you are being offered is ENORMOUS, and that the RESPONSIBILITY you carry is ASTRONOMICAL? But little did even I know HOW this would all materialize, until now! You may be a tiny and as of yet rather motley crew, but you are quite LITERALLY the ONLY thing humanity has at this point in time! Not even in my WILDEST dreams did I ever foresee such a crisis! But now at least it makes sense to me WHY my BELIEF in you has always been so DEEP, and WHY it has always FELT so right to give to YOU my ALL!

I hope, I trust and I pray that you ALL grasp the implications in what I have shared, for the urgency of THE hour is upon us all, and the opportunity is YOURS to take or to squander!