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  • Memory, restoration of


Can anyone restore his or her memory?


Only TRAINED nagals and Toltecs of the Third Attention can restore their memories fully, although EVERYONE does experience SOME or PARTIAL restoration! What people restore is ENTIRELY dependent upon their fates in any particular lifetime! In other words, you restore only THAT part of your knowledge gained in previous lifetimes that you NEED for one reason or another in THIS lifetime! Generally speaking the ECLIPSE of CONSCIOUSNESS which occurs at death, and the CONSEQUENT LOSS of MEMORY at birth, serves as a very NECESSARY handicap, a handicap without which the VAST MAJORITY of humanity would fall into permanent INERTIA in terms of evolving their awareness.

Examples of PARTIAL restoration of memory are attributes such as so-called talents! For example, Mozart just sat down in front of the piano at the age of three and started to play COMPLICATED music, without ever having been taught a note, and by the time he was five years old he was composing FULL oratorios!