Women, being abusive, example of from Warriors' Experience

  • Women, being abusive, example of
  • Sobriety (Clarity), lack of, cause of


Théun, have I just missed the plot so completely?


Aye, aye, friend! However, it is not so much a question of being too stupid to see the plot, but rather that you DO NOT LIKE the plot, and in this respect you are amazingly CLEVER and RESOURCEFUL at being able to scramble it for your OWN self-centred gain! But you play at being so naive, so innocent, and so lacking in what it takes to uplift yourself, and yet deep down inside prowls a very angry and a very self-centred little girl that DEMANDS to have life on her OWN terms, come hell or high water! I do NOT mean this unkindly, on the contrary, I offer it to you in the HOPE it will help you, namely, that you are a rather NASTY and ILL-TEMPERED bitch that will stop at nothing to get your own way! Drumming up support in order to punish the one you are angry at is one of your LESS destructive tendencies! LOL!

You are always so offended when a woman within the Group gets referred to as a bitch! Now you know what I see deep within you - a bitch! But, oh dear, how you DETEST having this exposed! <ebwg>