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Théun, I tend to find myself having weird experiences at odd times of the day and night. I can be driving along, or walking in the park, or cooking dinner in the evening, when suddenly I find myself in what I believe to be an altered state of perception. Sometimes at night whilst asleep I suddenly find myself feeling like I am being dragged out of my body. Quite frankly, these experiences bring about a sense of panic in me. Can you help me understand what these experiences are?


The experiences you describe are termed INVOLUNTARY astral projection, a not very helpful occupation! Unfortunately this is ENHANCED, that is, aggravated, by the fact that your nervous system has been damaged by the prolonged use of drugs in the past, and there is therefore not too much that can be done to rectify your problem. However, what WILL help is for you to overcome your FEAR with respect to this. Realise that astral projection is COMPLETELY HARMLESS to both you AND your physical body in spite of the fact that when it happens involuntarily it is totally terrifying! But I can ASSURE you that it IS harmless, provided of course, you are NOT busy driving, or walking across a busy street, when your physical body is suddenly forced into deep sleep whilst your astral body, namely, your emotional vehicle goes galivanting! <g>

But all jokes aside, you SHOULD LEARN to CONTROL your involuntary astral projections, and you can ONLY do this by overcoming the PANIC that surfaces whenever it occurs. If you panic when you start to project involuntarily, you will only succeed in fighting AGAINST yourself, in much the same way that a person who cannot swim will end up drowning himself BECAUSE of his panic! Even if you CANNOT swim, but remain CALM, it is perfectly possible to tread water and to keep your head above the water! This is equally true of involuntary astral projection, for provided you FIGHT to remain CALM whenever it occurs, it is perfectly POSSIBLE to WILL it to STOP! All you NEED to do is to WILL yourself BACK INTO your body, in EXACTLY the SAME way as you WILL yourself to stand up out of a reclining position, such as sitting in a chair or lying in your bed!

Most people take this type of INTENT so for granted that they NEVER pause to consider it with care, yet even just a LITTLE practice will soon enough convince you that the mere THOUGHT of standing up is NOT ENOUGH to enable you to stand! You have to WILL yourself to ACT upon the THOUGHT or the DESIRE to stand! And it works in exactly the SAME way in astral projection! If you WILL yourself back into your body you will NOT project! But if you give into the FEAR you will, without realizing it, DEBILITATE your WILL, your INTENT, in the SAME way that someone can turn RIGID and FREEZE because of their fear, instead of taking the appropriate ACTION!

In the case of involuntary astral projection the action that is NEEDED is to WILL the process to STOP! If it happens WHILST you are asleep, or if it happens too quickly, and you find yourself already OUT of your body BEFORE you have a chance to stop it, then just will yourself back into your body! The moment you are back in your body you can further CURB and HALT the process by DOING anything like walking, or taking a cool shower, or making yourself a cup of tea, or anything else which requires PHYSICAL ACTION of sorts! If it happens whilst driving, park the car as quickly as you can, get out of the car and WALK around until the process has been stopped! If it is NOT possible to park the car straight away, then DO something whilst willing the process to stop. Do anything, like lighting a cigarette, sing, whistle, smack your cheeks repeatedly, pull your ears, anything PHYSICAL! But under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ALLOW yourself to give in to panic!

This, my friend, is about the sum total of what CAN be done! But overcome the fear and you WILL be able to CONTROL the process!