Biogenetic engineering from Warriors' Experience

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Théun, I would like to ask your guidance on my career. As you know, I am a biochemist and my main job is developing pharmaceutical drugs in working with and experimenting with various forms of bacteria. In this work I often genetically modify bacteria in some way, as well as modify vegetable and animal cells. I also do much the same work in developing certain foods, as well as certain pharmaceutical drugs. However, now that I am on the Warrior's Path I am starting to seriously question whether I CAN go on with this type of work, because it is my feeling that this is perhaps not life-supportive.


I see you are in quite a dilemma, for you are quite right, we CANNOT condone practices that are life-destructive, no matter HOW these are justified! However, let us look at where we CAN find something positive to support!

First of all, please realize that I am NOT a scientist, so please bear with me in terms of the fact that I CANNOT give you answers, but I can at least SHARE with you my own knowledge, which should HELP you to find the answers you are seeking in terms of science!

Organisms, such as bacteria, belong to the INORGANIC realm, and the inorganic life-stream EVOLVES by being OF SERVICE to the ORGANIC life-stream! Yet this service is NOT service as EXPRESSED within the ORGANIC realm, but it is quite literally in the nature of being USED, and even CONSUMED, or more precisely, SACRIFICED! For example, our physical bodies are made up of millions of little INORGANIC lives that COLLECTIVELY form cells and beyond that, organs! But I don't think that I have to explain to a scientist, such as yourself, how the indwelling spirit quite literally USES, let us say, cells, as EXPENDABLE forms of life in the evolution of its awareness!

As I said, this is NOT ABUSE within this realm, for the simple reason that the way life works is that the INORGANIC life-stream actually EVOLVES through the medium of SACRIFICE! Therefore the mutation of organisms such as bacteria, actually ENHANCES that life-form's evolution! However, we CANNOT claim the same when it comes to the ORGANIC realm, as in mice and other animals! Animals belong to the ORGANIC life-stream, and therefore their evolution progresses along the SAME lines as that of the human being, the MICROCOSM of the MACROCOSM. And so to TAMPER with ORGANIC life-forms in this manner is a heinous crime AGAINST the indwelling spirit!

What I have stated so far is equally true of what you call foods, PROVIDED by food you mean vegetables, grains etc. The vegetable kingdom too belongs to the INORGANIC realm and therefore there is no harm done as such in genetically altering vegetables, grains etc., except that in doing so CARE should be taken NOT to PRODUCE monstrosities which then become life-destructive, as for example, with some of the KILLER crops developed by companies such as Monsanto! So, if man does IN-DEED help a tomato to become a much more EVOLVED tomato, rather than for that life-form which is expressing itself through that form we call a tomato having to spend millions of years to get there by itself, then all is well, and man has rendered the tomato a service! But if, on the other hand, man "evolves" the tomato to the point where it just becomes dead food, then clearly man has turned the tomato into something it was NEVER meant to be, and has through this done the vegetable kingdom a HUGE DISSERVICE!

Drugs are NOT bad as such! It is merely what is being DONE with them that is bad! For example, the drug companies actually ENCOURAGE people to be sick so that they can sell more drugs and make more money! Okay, I have stated this overly-simplistically, but I think you know what I mean! Rather than turning their attention to true CURES which would involve treating the CAUSE, the drug companies are ONLY interested in treating the SYMPTOMS, which they damned well KNOW means ENSURING they will ALWAYS be making oodles of money! But still, drugs ARE exceedingly BENEFICIAL to life, even IF the drug companies are being thoroughly life-destructive in their APPROACH to medication! So from a Toltec perspective this subject is moot, for do we say NO MORE drugs and allow people to suffer? Or do we say yes to drugs, but we MUST strive to eradicate the GREED that gives to drugs a life-destructive quality?