Numerology, negative reduction of the Dark Jewels from Warriors' Experience

  • Numerology, negative reduction of the Dark Jewels

Dear All,

The three aspects we are going to look at in this post are the Soul Urge, your shortcoming and your Birth Path.

Visualise these three aspects as a triangle with bi-directional flow between any two points. This does not mean the Personality Number does not come into play, for all is interconnected, but for the purposes of this exercise we are going to keep it simple. Bearing in mind that your Soul Urge determines the nature of the challenges you must face in order to fulfill your Destiny Number, it becomes clear why your shortcoming IS your ticket to freedom. Your shortcoming will affect the way you view the challenges associated with your soul urge and vice versa. As you transmute your shortcoming (a task without end <g>) so your perception of your challenges inherent within your Soul Urge will change.

Technically speaking your Birth Path number determines how you will be supported in fulfilling your fate in this life time. This support is of an external nature, i.e. it is not inherent support (assets) you have built up for yourself over lifetimes, but rather support through the outward circumstances of your life as you have called them forth through the medium of incarnation. These outward circumstances are, for example, the time and place of your birth (astrological influences), the race into which you incarnate, your culture, parents, education etc. etc. If you are WIDE AWAKE as to what is transpiring within the circumstances of your life, i.e. OBJECTIVELY REAL, you will see this support for what it is. It is only when you are conscious of something that you are able to intelligently use it.

So as to avoid questions to Théun about what you can transmute your shortcoming into, please bear in mind the following:
Because we don't work with the Dark Jewels directly, what you should be looking at is the NEGATIVE REDUCTION of the particular Dark Jewel which gives rise to your shortcoming. For example, the shortcomings SELF-PITY and SELF-IMPORTANCE stem from the Dark Jewel EGOTISM, that is, 22. What a person with either of these shortcomings should be looking at is the NEGATIVE side of Stability, that is, INERTIA, (-4). Looked at a little deeper we find that the person with SELF-IMPORTANCE as a shortcoming always tends to be indignant at the fact that the world is NOT revolving around him/her, <g>, whereas the person with SELF-PITY as a shortcoming is forever feeling hard-done by that he/she is being SINGLED OUT for victimization by people and circumstances. The transmutation of this (-4) does NOT lead to STABILITY as you may understand it, but rather to what can best be described as DYNAMIC STABILITY, that is, no matter HOW life is raging around you, you can NEVER be brought OFF BALANCE!

Let us also look at the example of the shortcomings CONTROL and ESCAPISM which stem from the Dark Jewel FEAR, that is, 24. Here again we must look at the NEGATIVE side of Choosing Between the Old and the New, that is, INFLEXIBILITY, (-6). So the person with CONTROL as a shortcoming is never looking at HOW to adapt to the world around him/her, but is instead always obsessed with wanting to CONTROL everything and everybody so as to achieve his/her desired goal, whereas the person with ESCAPISM as a shortcoming, rather than adapting to the world around him/her, will choose to avoid facing his/her challenges the moment he/she fears that the outcome is NOT going to be to his/her liking. As in the previous example, the transmutation of (-6) does NOT lead to CHOOSING BETWEEN THE OLD AND THE NEW, but rather to what can best be described as DIVINE INSPIRATION, that is, being RECEPTIVE to guidance from within, namely, from the Dreamer.

To briefly illustrate all of the above let us look at an example. A person has the shortcoming CONTROL (-6), a Soul Urge of (3), a Birth Path of (7), and a Destiny Number of (1). The Soul Urge indicates that this person must achieve Joy and Creativity through the medium of Mixed Abundance in order to fulfil his destiny of being a pioneer of sorts. Until such time as this person begins to transmute his shortcoming he will be totally obsessed with trying to control ALL of the Mixed Abundance in his life, and because of being naturally introspective and a deep thinker (7), he will see ALL guidance coming his way as somehow being a CONFIRMATION that he simply MUST control everything and everyone! However, once he is consciously working at transmuting his shortcoming, he will now use his natural introspection and ability to think deeply in order to start discriminating what he truly NEEDS out of all the Mixed Abundance in his life, which automatically leads to a sense of Joy as well as Creativity, rather than being eternally frustrated at NOT being able to control life, and this in turn will lead to him becoming a pioneer.

I am also including below all of the NEGATIVE REDUCTIONS of the Dark Jewels, and what they transmute into, so now you have NO excuse NOT to put in the required effort! <wg> Once again I want to repeat what I said in the email on Shortcomings versus Behaviour:
As Théun has mentioned, to DEFINE something is a double-edged sword. Although for the sake of CLARITY it is necessary to define something, yet by having DEFINED it we have already made it LESS FINE or LESS PURE, LESS TRUE! Therefore it is imperative that you do NOT become hooked to the words or see them in ISOLATION from each other! Remember that words serve as a springboard or a departure point into the UNKNOWN. If you do NOT adopt this approach words merely become a TRAP that serve to ENSLAVE and DISTORT perception. This list will ONLY serve you if it is seen as an INTERCONNECTED CONTINUUM, meaning that every single Dark Jewel, as well as every Shortcoming arising from them, AND the principal manifestations of these Shortcomings, i.e. Behaviour, are all thoroughly INTERRELATED, INTERACTIVE and therefore INTERDEPENDENT!

With much love,

Negative Reductions:-

22 = (-4) INERTIA (transmuted = DYNAMIC STABILITY)
23 = (-5) IMPULSIVENESS (transmuted = VERSATILITY)
26 = (-8) PREJUDICE (transmuted = LOGICALNESS)
27 = (-9) ATTRITION (transmuted = DETERMINATION)
28 = (-1) COERCION (transmuted = TENACITY)
29 = (-11) PERSECUTION (transmuted = TIRELESSNESS)
30 = (-3) CHAOS (transmuted = POTENTIAL)
31 = (-4) OPPRESSIVENESS (transmuted = REGULATION)
32 = (-5) DISSOLUTION (transmuted = INGENUITY)