Female (s), arguing from Warriors' Experience

  • Female (s), arguing


The other day my wife was involved in an argument between herself and another woman who lives next door to us. But when I tried to intervene in defense of my wife she turned on me in anger, telling me to mind my own business. I felt very hurt by this, but perhaps this was just self-pity at work?


LOL! Now this is NOT good, for now you have gone and lost the plot AGAIN! <ebwg>

My friend, you should know by now that when two females start challenging each other it is altogether much more prudent to just LISTEN quietly! Interrupting two females is a most treacherous occupation that can cause BOTH of them to turn on YOU as being the enemy! <g> So, from my own experience I can tell you that when two females challenge each other discretion is by FAR the BETTER part of valour! :)

For a married man living with a female you still have a lot to learn about females! Once a female is INFURIATED you stand ZERO chance of survival by saying to her, "WHOA, stop Sweetie! Just remember that you are supposed to be taking my lead!" Believe me, friend, she will DESCEND upon you like even HELL cannot do, WHACK you stupid with your lead, shove it up your arse, and then beat you to a "pulp" before you can even blink an eye! <sg>

Your romance, my friend, lies in the fact that you so DESPERATELY WANT to BELIEVE women are weak, defenseless, lost and helpless, and always ADORING the male in their lives for having come to "save" them from themselves! What a HOOT, you MUST admit! <g> Such a sense of romance must SURELY be the ultimate tear-jerker in any soap opera and is still going to get you skinned alive, if not by your wife, then by another female!