Théun Mares, speaking on some of the mysteries surrounding the present world from Warriors' Experience

  • Théun Mares, speaking on some of the mysteries surrounding the present world


Théun, do you know who the Russian woman, X, really is? And what about the Toltec, L? What happened to her? You do know that X is claiming that the blame for the world situation today is to be laid at the feet of a certain Toltec priesthood led by a man who is said to be the chief priest? Could this chief priest be L?


X? No, I do not know who X is, even though MANY people have spoken to me about her, and all of them believe she is a seeress. Perhaps she is a seeress, and perhaps not! I don't know! I also do not know in which of her books she mentions the Ved-Russians, and when this book was published. But you should be able to tell us. :) The reason I say this is that you should TAKE CARE of details such as these, for you will be surprised how many of today's so-called Toltecs, seers, naguals, and all the rest of the nine yards, have over the years since my books started to appear become quite "knowledgeable" about MUCH of the contents of my books, of which they never made ANY mention prior to my works having become published! <wg> Now don't get me wrong, for I am NOT saying these people are plagiarists, I am merely most interested in WHERE they should have come across this knowledge so quickly AFTER my books were published! <ebwg>

X? Who knows for sure? But, my friend, I have acquired quite a FEW Russian enemies over the years, for the Russians have been seeking me out ever since Volume I was first released! My history with the Russians goes back many years BEFORE the Group was started! :) One man in particular, named Y, even came to find me in South Africa, and it was in trying to help Y that I deciphered the Cyrillic alphabet, only to find out that Cyril had scrambled it! I shared everything I found with Y! You must surely also know that in the first Russian translation of Volume I I wrote a preface in which I explain about the Lost Tribe of Atlantis!

Y returned to Russia and joined forces with another man called Z who had become an arch enemy of mine shortly after the Festival of Huntingmoon which he, together with another Russian and his wife, had attended! I never did learn ALL the truth of what these people got up to, but I learned enough to know that both Y and Z worked HARD at trying to destroy me if they could! Yet, the strange thing is, even though they wanted me destroyed they nevertheless also KNEW that what I teach is true! So, yes, in their efforts they spread the word for me, in more ways than just one! <g> I say this because in the process they also met with people like X and L, the Toltec you are asking about. And God only knows what they all got up to, shared and discussed! :)

I had a mind-link with L, but after I discovered what she was up to I severed the mind-link, and therefore lost all contact with her after that! For a while I was quite the RAGE in Russia, so much so that even the Russian Embassy in Cape Town became involved in, what can only be termed, rather underhanded manoeuvres!

So, yes, my friend, I tell you all this so that you will understand that the world is NOT what it APPEARS to be! :) In fact, what I have told you is only a FRACTION of what all HAS been going on for years now. It has been quite a circus, and continues to be! :)

You also ask about what X claims about a Toltec Priesthood. I suppose one could refer to the Old Sorcerers as being part of the priesthood, but I would rather refer to them as being that part of the Brotherhood who went astray on the Path of High Adventure! From a Toltec perspective I do not feel it does the Toltecs a service to refer to the Old Sorcerers and their ilk as being part of the priesthood! But who THE priest is X is referring to I wouldn't know, for to the best of my knowledge it is a relatively SMALL GROUP of men working very CLOSELY together BEHIND THE SCENES that is the true driving force behind the Old Sorcerers. Yet it most certainly is NOT L, although L DOES pose a very REAL threat to the world in terms of what she BELIEVES she is!

But then, who knows about L, for it is my HOPE that she has EXHAUSTED herself by this time in having had too many children, in trying to bring to birth the Christ through the practices of Toltec tantra! Who exactly are those that are working with her, or shall I say, who have been providing the sperm for L's ambitions, I never did find out, for I severed the mind-link before they could possibly dig their claws into me! But from what I saw of them they are indeed NOT what the English would call NICE! <g>

But, THE priest? As I said, from MY experience it is not just ONE, but a FEW, and they are not in Russia, but in Germany, or at least, their THREADS are CENTRED in Germany, although there is every evidence that they move around and are very active in New York!

Well, my friend, does this in some SMALL way satisfy your curiosity? <wg>