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Théun, I now find myself in the Unknown and because of this, challenged on every hand! I am trying hard to stay calm and not fret about the fact that my life seems to be falling apart. The only thing that seems to help staying calm is mothering myself the best I can. How do I deal with the way I am feeling right now?


I am fully aware of how much you are struggling right now, but believe me, it is not REALLY the Unknown! :) It is more a matter of your KNOWN world having become unsettled! Uncomfortable, yes, but in many ways a GOOD thing, for how else CAN we learn other than having our COMFORTABLE little worlds turned inside-out? I agree that in the moment whilst it is all happening it APPEARS to be a disaster, but once the dust starts to settle a little we begin to see that all the UPHEAVAL has actually created OPPORTUNITIES for learning that were not present before!

When I say that this is not REALLY the Unknown you find yourself in I wish to bring to your attention that the REAL Unknown is unmistakable once entered! It is unmistakable because whenever it is encountered you KNOW that what you always THOUGHT you knew is merely your LIMITED PERCEPTION of life as you have been experiencing it through your VIEW of the world, but that the REALITY staring you in the face NOW is that you don't have a CLUE what you ARE dealing with! Such is the nature of the true Unknown! You just KNOW that you DON'T know, but that IF you are going to survive, you had best start ACTING quickly in order to GAIN the KNOWLEDGE you lack! But all apprentices without exception, and just like you are doing right now, always make the mistake of ASSUMING that they are in the Unknown every time their view of the world is being challenged! In a manner of speaking you CAN see it as being in the Unknown, but the REALITY is that the only thing that is unknown about having one's view of the world challenged is that it has NEVER been challenged BEFORE! And then the apprentice sits down and cries long crocodile tears, saying, "But I thought I was doing so well, and now look, my whole goddamned world seems destined to fall apart!"

But, dear friend, is this then NOT what you WANTED? Is it not the case that you wanted to become a warrior, and that you WANTED to be FREE from your view of the world? <wg> So why then are you feeling so miserable about it all and, as you say, mothering yourself? Would it not be altogether better to take the required ACTION in order to LEARN, rather than to sit in a miserable heap INDULGING in feeling ever so sorry for yourself, and fretting about wanting to control what cannot be controlled!

But, :), whoever said the Path of Knowledge is a piece of cake, or a ride in the park, eh? Yet such is life! We all start off by coming to the Path of Knowledge with these ROMANTIC notions of how HAPPY we are going to be once we have become big and strong and power-full! But then, BANG, reality hits us squarely in the guts, and for the first time ever, we begin to realize that warriorship is NOT a metaphor, but a WAY of life that is NECESSARY if we are going to hunt for power in treading the Path of Knowledge! Believe me, to become a warrior is not easy, but it IS the only way in which any of us can SURVIVE hunting for power, and therefore learning to BECOME an impeccable hunter is the first leg of the journey in becoming a warrior!

So come, my friend, lighten up! Put a smile on your face by looking at the funny side of your folly! Taking yourself so VERY seriously only causes you to become heavy and clumsy in trying to learn! As you well know by now, trying to CONTROL or MANIPULATE the outcome of life is futile, and only brings abject misery in the end! But what we CAN control is our IMPECCABILITY in hunting for power! The following aphorism will help you greatly!

"It is very natural to feel helpless in the face of impossible odds. All of us have to learn how to act on our own, and all learning takes time. This is the same principle involved in an infant having to learn to stand up and walk, and all of us are like helpless infants when we first come to the Warrior's Path. But an infant wants to learn to stand up and walk, and because it cannot manage it at first, it complains and protests in its frustration at not being able to act on its own. Again this is only natural and therefore not wrong. From this it follows that it is not the feeling of helplessness which is wrong, but what is wrong is indulging in helplessness and complaints whilst protesting that you are incapable, for this implies not wanting to learn."