Hetroflexibility (the male issue), versus homosexuality from Warriors' Experience

  • Hetroflexibility (the male issue), versus homosexuality
  • Homosexuality, versus the male issue (heteroflexibility)


Théun, as a heterosexual male I would like to try to understand why I find men more attractive in terms of company than perhaps I should as a heterosexual male? In fact, I love and adore men!


There is nothing wrong in this PROVIDED that you dig deeper in order to try to understand WHY you should love and adore men. By this I am in NO WAY implying that this has got anything to do with homosexual tendencies, but rather that I see in this two possibilities!

  1. It could be some form of hero-worship which you have had since childhood and have perhaps never let go of for some reason! If so, then it is important to find out WHY you still hero-worship men now that you are adult, and HOW this affects your relationships with the female?

  2. This adoration of men could possibly be related to something which is starting to become quite prevalent in the world today, namely, men's UNCONSCIOUS attraction towards at-one-ment with the spirit! Unfortunately, the way in which this is today being INTERPRETED is that more and more men, and I DON'T mean homosexual men, but heterosexual men, want to be sexually taken by other men. In fact, this has become so common and widespread today, that it has been defined as heteroflexibility.

The reasons for the second issue are numerous, and they range from the purely MUNDANE, such as the effects of social conditioning and misperception arising out of childhood experiences or traumas, through to highly ESOTERIC and PROFOUND factors that are starting to come into play and therefore beginning to IMPACT powerfully upon the minds of both men and women. As this issue has already started to come to light within the Group, most noticeably at the last retreat through what X and Y shared and with which several of the other men in the Group could likewise resonate in some way, I feel that the time has come for us to start addressing this issue. But in doing so I would like to start off by pointing out some of the more ESOTERIC factors that underlie this issue.

There are today primarily three highly powerful forces at work in the world and which have a HUGE and DIRECT IMPACT upon the issue we are discussing here. Firstly, humanity is today facing a most potent cross-road, that is, the Cry of the Eagle, and as a result the spirit of man is PUSHING HARD towards man turning AWAY FROM his gross IDENTIFICATION with the FORM-SIDE of life towards striving to LEARN what it means to be-come AT-ONE with the indwelling spirit instead! Secondly, we are facing the IMMANENT re-appearance of the Christ, the very EMBODIMENT of INCLUSIVENESS or AT-ONE-MENT! Thirdly, a great cosmic energy known as the Seventh Ray is beginning to come into manifestation. This ray is not only a ray of Union, Fusion and At-one-ment, but also works primarily through the SACRAL Centre, the centre which governs the ANIMAL sex drive!

These three potent forces, together with a myriad lesser causes, such as the various DIFFERENT effects of social conditioning, childhood traumas, misperceptions etc., are all IMPACTING powerfully upon humanity which is, in addition to all of this, ALREADY spelling SEX with capital letters! So I think you can well grasp that we are dealing here with an issue which is not only rapidly becoming a world-wide phenomenon, but one which is also extremely complex and not at all easy to RESOLVE! Furthermore, from what I have been learning over the last four years it is also this very issue that is EXPRESSING itself as the Crisis of the Male, that is, the PASSIVENESS of men today, and that has its CAUSE in humanity's INDULGENCE in the DICTATES of its RATIONAL MIND which, in the final analysis, belongs to the LOWER nature, that is, the little self as opposed to TRUE MIND which belongs to the true SELF, that is, the indwelling spirit!

BUT it is up to the likes of us to START searching for a SOLUTION to this very REAL CHALLENGE threatening to disempower and to emasculate just about every man upon the planet today! Of course, the place to start is, as always, with ourselves!