Théun Mares, speaking on serving from Warriors' Experience

  • Théun Mares, speaking on serving


Théun, can I please ask you for guidance on my proposed business venture? I have already shared with you what I wish to do, but you seemed very distant and disinterested in what I was sharing. So this made me realise that perhaps I am missing something. What have you seen in what I shared with you with respect to this business?


I find it almost impossible to give you guidance on this issue, for the guidance you are seeking comes far TOO CLOSE to you wanting me to TELL you what to do with your life, and as you know, I CANNOT and WILL NOT do that! B-:) Nonetheless, I will TRY to help as much as I DARE to do! <sg>

My friend, is this business a Path with a Heart for you? Is there ANYTHING in it that is a Path with a Heart for you? Or is the whole thing just one big romantic OBSESSION that enables you to ESCAPE facing the REALITY of where YOU are at, where your LIFE is at, and above all, where your FINANCES are at?

Ask yourself these questions:
Why are you REALLY wanting to be a businessman, APART from the FACE VALUE? Is it because it is prestigious to be a businessman? Or is it because it makes your heart beat faster to SERVE and thereby to MEET the NEEDS of others in the world of business?

If it is about being a Path with a Heart for you, then WHY is the PRIMARY focus about making money? By this I am NOT implying that it is in any way wrong to make money from what it is one most loves to do, but I am asking that you look at WHERE you are placing the focus!

But perhaps it will help you if I share with you my own example?

I do the work I do because it IS for me a Path with a Heart! This does not mean that I SIMPLY, or more precisely, SIMPLISTICALLY, love EVERY-thing within what I do, for there is also MUCH in the work I do that brings me a great deal of hardship and pain, and if I COULD have life on my own terms I would dearly love to CHANGE these aspects of my work. But because I cannot have life on my own terms I EMBRACE even the hardship with just as much love and care as I do that which I love and treasure, for I KNOW that there can be no rose without the thorns, and the thorns are TEACHING me what it is I MOST NEED to learn! Once I have learned WHAT it is I NEED to learn, I will be able to HANDLE the thorns without pain!

If you were to ask me to express this differently, I would say, I live to serve and because of this I live to LEARN HOW to serve ever more effectively, for I cannot IMAGINE a life without serving! Unless I could serve, what would I do? Run a business and make lots of money? What for? What would I USE the money for? Would I spend my life learning? Learning what? And what would I use this learning for? Would I enter into a personally fulfilling relationship? What for? So that that person can fulfil my personal needs? But what would those needs be if I did not serve? And how can anyone fulfil those needs FOR me? In short, would I HAVE a LIFE if I were to TRY to live only for myself?

Such thoughts fill me with an incredible sense of emptiness, an emptiness that I find both frightening and repulsive! And so I do what I do, and in order to do what I do I automatically also take care of the PRACTICAL details entailed, such as having the income I NEED in order to DO what I most love to do! But for me the focus is NOT on the money, but on treading what is for me a Path with a Heart and ACQUIRING the personal power I NEED, not only in order to serve, but also to CRYSTALISE what is NEEDED for my journey upon life. To me it makes little difference whether I am rich or poor, provided I always have what is NEEDED in order to tread my Path with a Heart! To me it makes little difference whether I have the approval of others or not, whether I have their love or not - it is ENOUGH for me to KNOW that I am following MY HEART in everything I do! Of what USE would it be to me IF the whole world loved me, and thought I was the best thing since sliced bread, if I could find no value within myself, if I could not find joy in being me, if I could not love and approve of myself? And on this score, I like you too, get challenged every day of my life! <g> Someone whacked me a few days back with, "I am sorry, I forgot that YOU are the UNQUESTIONABLE nagal!" For a while I reeled under the impact of that blow, <g>, wondering to myself why in hell's name I should have called forth THAT particular assault! But then suddenly the funny side of it struck me and I laughed for the rest of the night every time I thought about it! I may well be an unquestionable nagal, but then who, in God's name would actually WANT to be a QUESTIONABLE nagal? LOL! But this does not mean that I am NOT working at trying to see in WHAT way I may be INFLEXIBLE in my approach towards life! B-:)

So, as you can see, my friend, I cannot make up your heart FOR you! This we must each do FOR ourselves, and BY ourselves! B-:) But if what I have shared, together with the questions I have posed, helps you in some way, then I will have served you well, and yet I am not billing you for this guidance! <ebwg>