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Théun, am I right in my understanding that what makes the true male is that he is inclusive and creative, and through his openness of heart he also embraces all irrational knowledge?


Yes, this is correct, but you also NEED to ponder the FACT that there is only ONE ENERGY within life, that is, the SEXUAL ENERGY, manifesting in a myriad DIFFERENT ways, not only within the act of having sex. You also NEED to ponder the FACT that EVERY ACT of the MALE, not necessarily the MAN, but definitely the MALE, is a SEXUAL ACT, simply BECAUSE every ACT of the true male, physical, emotional or mental, is an ACT OF CREATION, just as EVERY ACT of the true female is likewise a SEXUAL ACT because of being an ACT OF CONCEPTION!

Here you also NEED to LEARN to DISCRIMINATE between what is an ACT, as opposed to a RE-ACTION, or what I tend to call mental masturbation in my efforts to get across this vital message! In other words, are you ACTING, or are you merely indulging in masturbation? <g> Although masturbation can and does release the pressure, it nevertheless brings to birth sweet blow all! Living in the MIND gives people the "feeling" that they have everything under control, that they have it all sorted out, and therefore they can and do temporarily release the pressure in this way, but the mind itself can NEVER bring anything to birth without the CREATIVE ENERGY of the HEART!