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I am really, REALLY struggling in my marriage. No matter how hard I try to get my wife to co-operate with me she just refuses point blank, saying that I am trying to impose my will on her! What must I do to get her to open up to me and to co-operate in sorting out the difficulties between us?


Stalk your wife, my dear friend! Stalk her! B-:)

If it had been my wife who was being so OPENLY filled with resistance I would be very much inclined to make her as jealous as all hell! For example, I would probably do something like get up earlier in the morning so that I could attend a gym with some really pretty things floating around in their leotards, chat them up like all hell, have coffee with them, maybe even lunch, and all in all make no SECRET about the fact that I am really, REALLY enjoying myself AND the company of these sweet girls every time I CHEERFULLY share my day with my wife! <wg> In this way I would also be able to "work it" so that I could invite these ladies to JOIN my wife and I for some badminton from time to time! <ebwg>

I am NOT SAYING that you should start extramarital affairs, , for that would NOT be impeccable, but if your wife refuses to provide you with pleasant female company there is no law which prohibits you from seeking out and enjoying female company elsewhere! <wg> If I were you I would NOT continue to beat my head against a brick wall, but I would instead try to find ways that would MOTIVATE my wife into at least TRYING to co-operate with me! Do you see what I mean? LOL! Making someone angry is simply not enough! Once angry that person will merely dig in his or her heels and stubbornly REFUSE to budge! If it IS anger you want to evoke and therefore USE, you must ENSURE that you make the person angry enough that he or she leaps into some form of ACTION! <sg> In this respect, always remember that ANY action speaks LOUDER than words! And the BEAUTY in this strategy is that ACTION cuts BOTH ways! LOL! It is just NOT possible to ENGAGE, let alone CO-OPERATE, when the other party REFUSES to ACT in any way, be that in terms of discussion, throwing a tantrum, packing his or her bags, or whatever! <g>

But, my friend, BEFORE you resort to such tactics, are you SURE that you ARE PROVIDING the LEAD, and not perhaps, as your wife suggests, merely IMPOSING your will upon her? Perhaps if you were to SHARE a little bit more with me I may be better able to guide you on this issue!