Numerology, 8 from Warriors' Experience

  • Numerology, 8


Can you please help me to understand the number 8 a little better?


(8) is always the great EQUALISER of experience! In other words, (8) is a frequency that properly belongs within that great BANDWIDTH of frequencies referred to as the Law of Economy, and since nature is forever striving for BALANCE or EQUILIBRIUM, all experience must be balanced sooner or later! This is why we cannot, for example, always incarnate only as a male, or only as a female!

But the best way in which to get a real FEELING for what is inherent within the vibration of (8) is to see it as that force which teaches us to bring together, and into harmony, the pairs of opposites! It is therefore also the vibration which dictates the act of intelligent co-operation! For example, right now you are focused on crystalising power, but unless you put as much effort into your spiritual pursuits as your temporal pursuits, meaning making money, your efforts either way will be polarized at ONE POLE only, and therefore the vibration of (8) will keep trying to RECTIFY your imbalance by bringing about a force in opposition to what you are trying to polarize, and hence, as you have noted, you are working yourself to exhaustion, without much to show in terms of results!

So the answer is strike a happy medium between the two polarities of nagal and tonal by putting as much effort into the evolution of your awareness as you are investing in terms of furthering your career or financial matters! Once you do this, you will quickly enough LEARN that there is no REAL separation between nagal and tonal, for these two are but the two polarities of the One Life, just as crystalising power, and claiming personal power, are but the two polarities of the evolution of awareness!