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Théun, why is there so many discrepancies in the writings of numerologists?


Numerology is an ancient Science and Art which has become lost to a great extent. I say "science" and "art" because Numerology is one of those strange AMPHIBIOUS areas of knowledge that is both a science and an art, for in practice it consists of two DISTINCT endeavours. The first of these is what is termed Vibrational Analysis, in which, for example, a name is analysed according to the vibrational frequencies denoted by the numbers assigned to the letters of the alphabet. Numbers, their vibrational frequencies, and how these frequencies are assigned to the letters of the alphabet, amongst many other things are indeed a science in their own right, and what is so taken for granted today, are in fact the RESULTS of the hard work of a great many Toltecs throughout the ages, whose fate it was to research this particular area of scientific endeavour.

The second endeavour is what is known as the Interpretation of the Vibrational Relationships, that is, as these exist between the various vibrations within a name, date of birth, etc. This second endeavour, however, is truly an art, for although there are rules as to how this is done, yet those rules are no more rules than are the so-called rules that apply to the art of the seer! This is HARD to explain, for how does one explain why water is wet, or why fish swim, whilst birds fly? Yet, for those with the eyes to see, these rules are FACTS that are UNDER-STOOD, APPLIED and WORKED WITH, as much as any fact that can be proved by science! However, as I said earlier, within the world we live in today MOST of the ancient Science and Art of Numerology has been lost, with the result that there are today far too many idiots running around claiming to be highly knowledgeable on a science and an art that they have learned from some crackpot, or have learned from some crazy textbook on the subject!