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I am beginning to realise that what is important is that I become more and more open and vulnerable, otherwise I learn nothing. But why do I find this so hard to do without always feeling offended in some way?


LOL! You make it SOUND like you are suffering! <wg> But as a certain lady once said, "Just remember that action speaks louder than suffering!" <ebwg>

My friend, have you ever ASKED yourself WHO it is that needs to be open and vulnerable?

We are forced into using words, but it is the RARE person indeed who ever QUESTIONS his understanding of the words he SPEAKS! So, for example, what is your understanding of the biblical phrase: "God spoke, and then there was light?" Alternatively, have you ever TRULY read a certain Chapter entitled The Properties of Words? B-:)

One of the greatest catastrophes that has ever befallen man is the modern tendency towards very real ILLITERACY! People like George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare etc., would have been aghast at the present level of illiteracy. Today people write words and speak words with almost ZERO understanding of those words! God! No wonder they also cannot LISTEN without feeling OFFENDED! <wg> It is their own goddamned LACK of understanding that is being REFLECTED back to them in the words spoken by others that offends people! LOL! But then, IGNORANCE is ALWAYS offensive! How can one NOT feel offended by one's OWN IGNORANCE? Now THERE is a VALID question for you, don't you think? LOL!