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  • Marriage (s), separation within
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Théun, my wife and I have decided to separate for now. Can you offer us any guidance on where to from here?


Your marriage had to come to this sooner or later, for as you well know, I have been pointing out to you and your wife all along that there is no warmth in your marriage, let alone love. Where there is no warmth a relationship CANNOT survive, no more than a plant can grow without the warmth of the sun! Yet, there is also NO NEED to make hasty DE-CISIONS and therefore I believe that your approach for now is a good one! It will do both you and your wife the world of good to separate for a while! By each of you being in your own SPACE, that is, WITHOUT the continuous influence you have upon one another's perception, your FEELINGS will become much clearer and with that you will IN TIME achieve the needed CLARITY on what is the best thing for you to do!

So, yes, by all means separate for a while, but NOT as enemies, but rather as two FRIENDS, each striving to UNDER-STAND your OWN feelings about each other and about your marriage.