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I am new to the teachings, so I am wondering whether you can perhaps tell me where I should start?


:) This is simplicity itself, unless, of course, you LIKE to complicate things! In the final analysis it really does NOT matter where one starts on the Warrior's Path, for ultimately the teachings are all so inter-related, inter-dependent and therefore interactive, that just by STARTING anywhere we automatically begin to ENGAGE all of the teachings and CHANGE becomes inevitable.

So to keep it simple, :), the best possible place to start for the vast majority of apprentices is to strive to stop the internal dialogue. It is the internal dialogue that keeps you stuck, that maintains your view of the world, that perpetuates your personal history, etc., etc. Death of the Old, my friend, definitive change, can never be achieved until we stop the world! Whilst you continue to TELL yourself that the world is what you believe it to be, and that you are the you, you tell yourself you are, well, that's that, and nothing is ever going to die, because you keep it alive with your internal dialogue! <wg> Stop that internal dialogue, and you and the world will never again be the same! As I said; it is simple! BUT, it takes HARD and DEDICATED work to stop the internal dialogue! However, it IS THE MOST important accomplishment that any apprentice HAS to master if he or she is ever going to become a warrior and achieve his or her freedom! So stopping the internal dialogue is well worth every bit of effort it takes! B-:)