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Théun, I truly want to serve, but since I do not know my true status in terms of initiation I am not too sure how to do this. Can you offer me some guidance on this issue?


MOST of us who are currently serving within the world care NOT about our own status vis a vis initiations, former training, present training, etc. All that is held STEADY within our FOCUSED VISION is the WORK at hand, the role we each have to play within the Plan, and the CONSTANT NEED for re-evaluating our knowledge so that it is applicable to these times of dire crisis! This, my friend, is NOT the time to get caught up in the world and the concerns of the little self!

Right NOW we are making the transition from the world of INDIVIDUAL GROWTH to that of the INDIVIDUAL, in having grown to this point, becoming GROUP CONSCIOUS and therefore becoming INTEGRATED within the One Life of which we all are a spark!

If you TRULY wish to serve, my friend, then take your eyes OFF of yourself and fix them upon the NEEDS of the ONE humanity, for if you do, you will find that those needs are also YOUR needs! I will say no more than this!