Rejection, fear of from Warriors' Experience

  • Rejection, fear of
  • Fear, of rejection


Théun, there is something I need to seek your guidance on, but my fear of rejection keeps me at only trying to hint at what troubles me, instead of speaking up. How can I overcome my fear to be totally open and honest?


I can see what it is you are alluding to, but dancing round and round the issue is NOT serving you, nor anyone else! To hell with your petty fears! Who do you THINK is going to reject you in this Group? Who do THINK is going to JUDGE you? And IF someone DOES by any chance reject or judge you, then so what? Who cares about the approval of others when one is a warrior? As a warrior your ONLY concern is SELF-APPROVAL, but how in God's name CAN you approve of yourself, how CAN you RESPECT yourself, when you KNOW that you are living a LIE because of your fears? Is this not the ultimate in PETTINESS?